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    Favorite songs?

    Anything from Yann van der Cruyssen (Morusque)'s remixes. In CS+ they're the "New" soundtrack. I especially like these: Geothermal (Core Room) Balcony Last Battle (Undead Core fight) Run! (Iron Head, King's Theme)
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    What happened in your FIRST hell run ?

    Hahaha! I remember this vividly. I jumped and died on the first spike. Took me a while to realize that I had to use the BOOSTER to move through. I didn't notice the small spikes that I could land on, and refresh the booster. Then I figured out how to do it, and I could successfully get through...
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    Remaking in AUXY

    Thanks! Actually, the app does have drums, but the type of drums they have are all dubstep/heavy electronic kits, not the good-sounding chiptune-y drums from the OST, which is why I didn't include any. I can Soundcloud message you a file if you like. I have some of them as private tracks, so I...
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    Remaking in AUXY

    Some of you may have heard of Auxy ( which is a iOS music studio. I'm currently remaking the songs in it. The sound is closer to that of the original soundtrack, but the notes are closer to the Wii EU version ("New"). You can view it here...