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    Want to buy a car?

    Hello one and all! The Mulletron here. I was scoping out the vids on YouTube last week and I stumbled on this... Just thought I'd share this with you. :D
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    Another CS comic

    Hello one and all, the Mulletron here! I've been lurking on deviantART for quite a while now, and I have been following a webcomic posted on there. Whether it has slipped under the radar, or if people just don't care about this comic, it hasn't been mentioned once on this forum, so I've taken it...
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    Does Anyone Here Like Tumiki Fighters?

    Hello one and all, The Mulletron here. I don't know where else to put this thread, so I'm going to put it here (Well, its about a videogame, isn't it?) You see, I've been mucking about with this game's data files over the past few weeks. This has resulted in the creation of new levels, complete...