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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C Thread

    Checked 2EF40? your rom looks headered
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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C Thread

    Once in a while, i find myself back to this website, checking for some progress, hoping for a release. If you want to learn ASM, I'd recommend the following very vague steps: 1. the first thing you should do is something simple with the memory editor in snes9x debug. Try restoring your...
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    Erockbrox's Zelda3C thread

    I still read these forums once in a while. I wish GameMakr would just finish it one day so i can play it SePH you're still at it eh? Haven't heard from you for a while. Nice graphics, as always :) Yeah I ran out of tiles in 7F due to over-decorating 6F (note the pretty rooms! especially...
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    Opening Zoom

    I just noticed this in the diary/blog: "The only problem left for this area is that the opening story zooms into the map at a point that doesn't make sense. I had planned to place something specific there, but it became impossible after rearranging. Reshaper256 is looking into either...
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    New Sprites Discussion

    Very nice monster AI. Keep it up! That sprites asm was too much for me, all i did was tweaked ganon a bit (and that took a few weeks).
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    A game so good, the laptop can't handle it.

    sounds like cpu or video card overheating. you should get something to monitor your cpu and video card temperature over long periods (just have it running in the background or something). It's either that or you got some weirdo malware on the laptop which just happen to run into an...
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    ASM daydreaming (And introducing myself)

    heh I didn't know i crapped on so much on msn back then. I believe this place isn't as well known as a lot of other places. Sometimes i didn't even check gamemakr's blog (sorry, couldn't call it a diary since it's not updated daily :P) in like a few months without me realising. If you want...
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    ASM daydreaming (And introducing myself)

    I might bring in some things which i thought about but didn't bother to hack it in/too hard to hack in. One of the things is moving flute event (the digging, the chicken etc), moving the shovel location is an easy task, but making the chicken/rooster break out of that statue is out of this...
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    Zelda rpg mod?

    I'm also a long time reader and first time poster here. I have been following zelda3c way before I started working on parallel worlds (that's like 4-5 years ago), Gamemakr24 may have remembered some of the conversations we had over icq and the few emails on zeldac quite a few years ago...