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  1. Milon Luxy

    PiyoPiyo/Wave Maker Discord Server

    I created a Piyo Discord server if anyone is interested to make or share a pmd or create your own wave. I hope anyone who join have fun! :D Link:
  2. Milon Luxy

    Cave Story Soundtrack to PMD Project

    I was making this project just for fun on my free time. I think I can show how I went a little far away with this. :oops: It's kinda an ambitious project, but okay I guess... I don't think I will finish that, but here are some that I transcripted and recorded by now: Completed Pmd Files...
  3. Milon Luxy

    Rockfish - An Unreleased Game Remake

    Well, where do I start ..? I think I'd better let the game say it all by itself. It was a lot of work for me to do and redo the whole game of Daisuke, alone (It doesn't means that I'll remake all of his other unreleased games). I chose this unreleased game because I thought it would be cool see...
  4. Milon Luxy

    What would be the Credit13 in the credit pictures?

    When I was messing around with Resource Hacker, I noticed that: My guess is that maybe Daisuke just forgot to rename the files, or there exist this missing file somewhere in CS Beta or something. It's between Curly and Quote flying with Balrog, and Quote carrying Curly on Sacred Grounds, so it...
  5. Milon Luxy

    My Scrapped Ideas and Mods

    I'm doing that thead to be able to celebrate my birthday initially. As these are discarded or gave up mods and ideas, some may be good, others may not. And they go from 2015, 2016 to this year, all before I start to think better about how to do something more original or something, so I hope you...
  6. Milon Luxy

    PiyoPiyo Player Transcriptions

    I've been working on it for a while, and now it's finally done (I hope). I've started doing these transcripts since I read some members threads asking PiyoPiyo .pmd files to be rewritten to .org or another format. I found it interesting, so I decided to remake them. Here the result: I made...
  7. Milon Luxy

    Cave Story ~ Beta Graphics Mod

    Well, first things first. When I discovered that Cave Story existed a beta, I was impressed with the information, and I was thinking about what the graphics, music and some other things in the beta would look like on the final version together. Growing bored, I decided to redesign the graphics...