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  1. Eli

    Pixel Q&A Session Discussion

    Recently a Q&A session was hosted with Pixel, organised by dawnDus, who runs the main Cave Story discord - the results were professionally translated (both the questions to EN > JP and then the answers back to EN), and there's some pretty interesting stuff, including a few long-running Cave...
  2. Eli

    Evergreen... 2!

    greetings, cave story fans, i'm pleased to announce the release of a small demo for evergreen 2! while my full statement on the matter is readable on doukutsu club, here is a quick tdlr: the old version of evergreen sucked ass and was boring, i've decided to scrap development and completely...
  3. Eli


    ~ EVERGREEN ~ Evergreen is a Cave Story prequel mod that I've been working on for a while that I'm finally getting around to making a thread for! There's a demo out already, and I'm currently working on the next update (though I've learnt my lesson with Festive Quest lol, I won't be stressing...
  4. Eli

    New CS3D Easter Egg?

    Was browsing Twitter when I saw this tweet with a video documenting something interesting that's presumably exclusive to the JP version of CS3D. Thoughts?
  5. Eli

    Festive Quest

    originally i made this for the winter modding competition thing last year and now it's FINALLY DONE! curly brace and misery (reluctantly) go on a fun adventure to hunt for presents and nothing bad happens :] DOWNLOAD LINK questions you might have: Q: is this a serious mod? A: it's.... a...
  6. Eli

    Usagi Story

    This is Usagi Story, a story about a Mimiga called Usagi. I wanted to make a mod, so I did. Featuring my character, Usagi. While she's perhaps a little short on braincells, she's cheerful, determined, has a sword and is hell-bent on her life goal of kicking the Doctor in the face! I'm not...