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  1. darkcrusader

    How many times have you beaten Cave Story?

    This is something I've been wondering for a while. I think I've beaten Cave Story x times, where x is greater than 15 and is less than or equal to 20 (15 > x >= 20).
  2. darkcrusader

    Mahin: Master of the Universe??!?

    Mahin's pretty chill... almost too chill. Also, he has actual mystical power and can display it (I can only support this theory evidence, not facts). For instance, when you're in jail, Mahin speaks, and the way out is revealed. Right after he says that Sue was taken away and put something...
  3. darkcrusader

    Cave Story Beta

    How different was the story in it? I know of a few minor differences, but I was wondering if anyone knew what some major ones were.
  4. darkcrusader

    Free Games Reviews

    I have undertaken a task to tread the almighty waters of the internet to find some quality free games, and then review them. There will be bad games, there will be good ones. But my purpose is to clue people in on some good free games because some of us can't afford money to buy the hot new...
  5. darkcrusader

    How do I get started modding?

    I want to make a mod but I have no idea how to get started. Can anyone give me some helpful info?
  6. darkcrusader

    What do listen to when you play games?

    If you have a console (I'll include the computer here as well), you probably have music on your hard drive. You may also find it relaxing to play some of your own music whilst playing certain games. So what music do you use for which game? Caramelldansen on Halo 3? Backstreet Boys on GTA4...
  7. darkcrusader

    A Cave Story Fan Fiction Looking for a Home

    YAY! Thanks to MetaSeraphim for finding a home where Cave Story: Aftermath can be loved and cherished by all you guys! Original post: I wrote a thirty page long fan fic. Problem being, I've not anywhere to post it. Of course I could easily find some fiction site where people post stuff...
  8. darkcrusader

    Itoh and Sue

    It seems to be a pretty popular belief that after Itoh and Sue have been changed back into human form, how they maintain their form is dependent on whether or not they sneeze. I.e., when they sneeze as humans, they turn into mimigas, and vice-versa. I thought it was implied in the credits that...
  9. darkcrusader

    After Cave Story

    What happens after Cave Story? First off, is the 'good ending' what would actually happen? Realistically, I would say that that is unlikely. Also, we must assume that our hero lives, and gets to one of the actual endings. If the good ending were the true ending, then I would think that...
  10. darkcrusader

    Red Flowers and The Demon Crown... Are They Attainable?

    The theory behind the question is this. The fact that all items' names, when described in text during the game, are surrounded by two dots. An example of this is shown here . When they talk about the Demon Crown or the Red Flowers, they have the dots around their names as well. I believe...