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    Jenka's Nightmare Revived - Final release

    Re: Jenka's Nightmare Revived I'm so glad that this mod has been revived! It was one of my favorite mods of yesteryear. It's a pleasant surprise to see that this mod has resurfaced. Now then, what I would like to know is will this run with Cave Story+ on Windows? If so, will it run with Cave...
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    If your postcount is over 41...

    "And me!" said the refrigerator as it sprouted wheels and led chase to the 41 post mark.
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    Public and Private Threads

    Private threads are more useful than PMs in cases where you need to have more than one participant. TMYK★
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    My documents folder accidentally me.

    You've got loads of tiny .txt files somewhere, probably for logging or cookies, which would explain the jump from 15,000 to 100,000 in such a short time. Also, it's OVER 9000!!!!!
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

    i alrdy lurk moar. we is need moar LAZERS!
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

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    Browsers sons in Mario

    Swerving, not swirving!
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    Who is balrog(Spoilers)

    I think pooh is an accident having to do with the teleporter.
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    Cave Story: Full Life Consequences

    Curly had no weapon. FAIL. (Unless she did it by morphing her thumb and index finger into a handgun and shouting "bang," then it's WIN)
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

    Run, Forest, run!
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    So i made myself feel stupid.

    Runescape? Please, that's so 2003.
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    Easy way for money system in Cave Story Mods1

    Only if the "add ammo" function is a signed integer...
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

    Ask pirate dude if he walked off the plank, and how long he's been here.
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Looks like he has some sort of bubble gun...
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    Try to post on multiples of 5

    Who died and made you king?
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    Try to post on multiples of 5

    Eewww! That's worse than exchanging rings!
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    Try to post on multiples of 5

    how about the fact that all the winners so far posted on a multiple of 5, along with most of the others posters in this topic, including me?
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    Who is balrog(Spoilers)

    Striking the bottom of the world turned him into a toaster.
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

    ...after examining it closely.
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

    Examine ceiling.
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    Cave Story MODS for MAC OS X and PSP?

    It's already been stated in this topic that that's probably not going to work, and if it does it's almost guaranteed not to be 100%. The only solution is to run CS in a Windows environment until somebody figures out what the hex offsets for Mac CS are compared to Windows CS.
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    Cave Story MODS for MAC OS X and PSP?

    Not true; OS X Leopard is a dual binary that can run on PPC and x86 computers. (well, Apple computers, unless you want to void the EULA) Also not true; if you use VM Ware Fusion you can use Windows without having to reboot, and my understanding is you have to have a copy of Windows in order to...
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    Cave Story MODS for MAC OS X and PSP?

    Any file that starts with a period will not be viewable using traditional folder navigation; it's an invisible file/directory that can only be modified by root or the user/application that created it, so the only way to access it is to use the terminal, type "sudo cd ~/.cxoffice" or "sudo cd...
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    Hardest Bosses?

    ...and company. The Ballos fight is pretty easy once you figure out what his patterns are, what deals damage, what doesn't, and where to shoot. It's possible to go through the entire fight and have your only hit be with the -2 spikes that come out of the floor for form 4, and those are...