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  1. Kimimi

    Sora no Kiseki

    I really love Sora no Kiseki, but even though it's a Falcom series it's still relatively unknown outside its home country. I wrote this to try and explain a bit about the series, as well as hopefully get across some of what makes it so brilliant. Think Falcom, you think of Ys. It’s hard not...
  2. Kimimi

    Wii re-releases of GC games - a good idea?

    So I've just been through my email and I've noticed that Amazon Japan are offering me REmake on the Wii which has got me thinking - is this a good idea? The Wii has already caused some chagrin amongst gamers with its PS2 ports and "me too" party games so is this helpful? Do Wii gamers want Wii...