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  1. Brite

    How does a mod with choices and 50+ outcomes sound?

    Currently I've been making a mod about different choices you can make about cave story to befriend different characters and villains (excluding the doctor.) Each time you do something to help a character it boosts their trust stats with you. When their trust is high enough they'll become a...
  2. Brite

    I'm back.

    The truth is I've been back for a while. I've recently just been back though because. I missed the forums. When I got banned, I didn't immediately do anything. Instead, I just decided to work on my social skills. It's pretty hard. I'm still pretty annoying. I'm not flawless. Hopefully, over...
  3. Brite

    Ballos Thing (THE MOD!)

    :0 IT'S HERE!!!!
  4. Brite

    Cave Story Alternate Reality

    I've decided to cancel CaveRune. Don't be confused. It WAS under dev, but when I replayed the game, it was more like it's own mod. I've decided to make it just that. Don't be angry, but I'm putting a lot of work into this, and I've decided that CaveRune, unfortunately, is canceled. I might come...
  5. Brite

    King is cocaine

    his eyes redd
  6. Brite

    CAVERUNE Chapter 2

    I am still working, but here is a little something..
  7. Brite


    Yeah I made a mod, probably not the best and I don't own any of the music, sounds, characters (Except for my own). Ok I wanted to say that so this ain't get no take down doe. Yeah ok, the stuff belongs to Toby Fox, and uh me. Here is the download link for all you epic poggrz fanzz...
  8. Brite

    Sorry I haven't been active.

    School work is piling up, and collage is very difficult. Don't judge me.
  9. Brite

    If you have questions not mod related.

    uhm yeah so, I heard there is an online multiplayer mod for cave story, but uh, I can't find without Nicalis/2-Player Switch, Or play free online, Sooo.... Any of you have an idea, because A friend of mine saw a video, where you could play the online multiplayer, like, there were rooms, and the...
  10. Brite


    It's not out yet, neither is the demo. This is kinda a parody of UnderSwap. Also (For feedback) I just love the design for Swap Toroko, Like Omfg.
  11. Brite

    Flowey Story

    It's not anywhere near done, but I will give updates. This is what I have so far.
  12. Brite

    It makes NO story Here is another mod. You can play as curly or quote. Quote is equipped with a spur and booster 2.0 (And a blade) in which curly is not. However, Curly has her machine gun and a nemesis, AND an air tank AND a heart from the creepy old little...
  13. Brite

    Rivers Story

    Well here's the demo of the game. It's not even close to being done however. I'[m probably not gonna continue this mod.
  14. Brite

    So, what's next for the CSMC?

    I'm wondering what should we all do next? This place isn't really booming anymore. I'm gonna Create the 2021 Cave story modding festival. We really need it. 2020 has been a tough year, and we need to get our mind off things for awhile. anyways... It starts March 1st until April 2. If your...
  15. Brite

    I'm leaving

    I'm thinking about leaving, it's best for all of us, you don't need my shit or annoying crap. I've seen the way you comment. I want you all to know, I will never be truly gone from the forums, as i will check in to see all the wonderful new mods you all make. Please Work Hard And keeping making...
  16. Brite

    Cave Story Sequel

    Eh, Well here's your sequel mod, of course, it's only a demo But it's great. Here's the link to download: I've hidden 6 quotes around the maps so find them all then talk to me, if you do, then I will put you in the credits for the real deal...
  17. Brite

    Cave Story Hard Mode And Other Changes...

    I hope this holds you off until cs3, plus, Sorry @HaydenStudios For using Cave Story Four endings as a base plate.!AhFwTosNzVLlkBTlOKMkJTFFSucg?e=ggfHQl DONT GET THIS ONE! Get This one the other ones broken!AhFwTosNzVLlkS3pSXLeMxqrdedH?e=PbJWKx
  18. Brite

    Cave Story Discord Servers and MORE!

    Join these servers
  19. Brite

    Official Cave Story Discord.

    This is the Official Discord.
  20. Brite

    Cave Story 3

    Cave story 3 demo is out
  21. Brite

    Cave Story Prequel!

    Im making a cave story PREQUEL!!!!!
  22. Brite

    Cave Story Modding Team

    Hopefully if you said yes to helping me make cave story 2 then you will be helping in many ways! Thank you so much! Above there is a poll above what you are better at. please vote and i will put you in the groups
  23. Brite

    Cave story 2

    Have you played cave story 2 by haydenstudios? Did you find out that is Very funny.... well then i have cave story 2 for you! Keep playing to find out what happens.... Sure jenkas nightmare was good, one of my favorite mods. And hopefully I can get haydenStudios to help with this mod!