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  1. Kayya

    Nightmare Diary (Yume Nikki Fangame) V0.1

    Nightmare Diary is a Yume Nikki fangame me and my friend are working on, where you're a boy who is a dreamer. He has dreams about things, and like all YN fangames, there's effects and stuff. This is a demo, and it has five effects and seven worlds. Read the Readme.rtf for more details on the...
  2. Kayya

    The Lost Bubbler -- 1.1

    Once, a while ago, I made a mod called The Lost Bubbler. Today in the Skype group I asked the people if they wanted to play it, and they said sure. Skip some story and now I am going to put it here. You are Hard-mode Quote, and you like Bubbles. You're moving away, and you need to get your...
  3. Kayya

    Cave Story: A Brand New Story (1.1, no more crashing!)

    Hi. This is the second mod I've uploaded onto the forums and I think it's a, er, decent mod. Anyways! This mod is called "Cave Story: A Brand New Story". ...Maybe it's not a fully brand new story, it's what it was called in development and will be most likely what it's going to be called and is...
  4. Kayya

    Quote's Revenge ~ Kuoto no Fukushu (1.2)

    Hello! I'm Kayya, and I'm releasing this mod for you all to play! It's actually been in development for a while (started on August 18th), and I'm just now releasing it. While the mod may just look like a scripting change of Cave Story... Well, to be honest, that's what it was planned to be...