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  1. Some random guy

    Why did the doctor only have female mimiga in the throne room

    It just occured to me that mimiga village has only male mimiga (Mahin even commented on this) and all the throne room's mimiga (excluding Santa) are female. So why the gender difference?
  2. Some random guy

    Who do you want to win the U.S. presidency 2016? (Debate)

    Inside the clusterfuck that is American politics are some candidates hoping to become president. Who do you think would be qualified and why? Debate is welcome but PLEASE be mature and be logical.
  3. Some random guy

    Could an axis victory (WWII) have played out like in The Man in the High Castle?

    The Man in the High Castle is a novel written by Phillip K. Dick that assumes an axis victory where Germany and Japan divide North America into three zones: the western "Pacific States of Japan", the "Neutral Zone", and the... it's never given in the book, but basically the Nazis control the...
  4. Some random guy

    Cave Story celebratory thingy

    Okay, so Cave Story came out on December 20th. And there's been a semi-functional multiplayer in the works. And the best way to celebrate a game is to play it and be with others that like that game. Do you see where I'm going with this? I don't know how the project's been going, but maybe on the...
  5. Some random guy

    How many of us are Futurama fans?

    Futurama was awesome. Even though towards the end of the show things got a bit worse (Fry went from average to just plain stupid and Bender lost some of his credibility) I still love it and want to know what you guys think.
  6. Some random guy

    Cave Story plushies?

    There have been several people who have posted about and experimented with Cave Story plushies. Are they a thing yet? If so, anyone have pictures?
  7. Some random guy

    Cave Story modding for dummies

    Hi everyone. Before I even start, I'm just going to say that I am considering a mod and I do not expect instant and bountiful help. I also know that modding is hard and intensive, so I may give up (I'm not made of money and time). The idea is for this thread to be sort of a beginner's guide to...
  8. Some random guy

    Do you think King and Toroko should have died?

    I've played the mod by Hayden (I think it was him) and saved King and Toroko, but I was wondering what everyone else thinks about their deaths. I mean, it does give you a good reason on killing the Doctor and adds a lot of emotional depth into the story, but it's tragic and heartbreaking to see...
  9. Some random guy

    Blade or Nemesis?

    Which weapon do you prefer? Also, keep in mind that this doesn't just mean pure numbers, but also the story behind each one. (Should you really give up the blade, with such meaning, to someone else?) This entire page is basically one giant spoiler.
  10. Some random guy

    Does it bother anyone else that you can get Chaco's lipstick?

    Chaco's lipstick. I mean, seriously. What was Pixel thinking? And from what I know it's still obtainable in all ports, some of which kids can easily get their hands on.