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  1. Leo40Story


    DO NOT USE, DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY!!! OrgAdder Allows easy addition, removal and replacement of ORGs. Download: Latest always here! Changelogs can also be found there. Screenshot: How to Use: "Help" -> "Add ORG Guide".
  2. Leo40Story


    THIS IS NO LONGER BEING WORKED ON. After a few months of working on this, I would like to present to you... CaveSaveEdit A Java-based Cave Story profile editor, complete with mod support! Prerequisites: Latest Java 8 release (6 and 7 will not work!) How to Use: Click on "File" -> "Load Profile"...
  3. Leo40Story

    New Story [DEMO]

    NOTICE: NOT BEING WORKED ON ANYMORE. I need to learn how to write a story... This is a demo of my upcoming mod, which will be my first mod with an actual plot! Thanks to @Miccs for testing previous demos. These demos are available, if you do some searching on the Discord server. Downloads...
  4. Leo40Story

    How to change the Version popup text

    I'm pretty sure no one wanted this, but screw it, I'm making it. It's actually pretty simple to change this. Open up your favorite hex editor. Open up your CS mod executable. Go to address 8C2BC. If you haven't modified it already, you should see this string: version.%d.%d.%d.%d 2004/12/20 -...
  5. Leo40Story

    How 2 Mod: Cave Story

    NOTICE: I AM NOT WORKING ON THIS ANYMORE. Welcome! I present to you How 2 Mod: Cave Story, a tutorial on how to mod Cave Story... in the form of a Cave Story mod! This mod will describe every step of how to mod, from setting up to distributing your hard work! Note: This mod will not teach you...
  6. Leo40Story

    Cave Story - Boss Rush!

    I present to you all my second mod ever, a boss rush with a "plot". Take of that what you will. This mod is pretty much done; no further releases will happen, excluding bugfixes. Downloads are available here, in the "CS Boss Rush" folder. Changelog: Version 2.12 Quote is now actually on...
  7. Leo40Story

    Cave Story++ v0.04

    THIS MOD IS DEAD! So are the links, I've removed the files from my Dropbox to free up space. By the way, the mod crashes in Grasstown, since some of the patches replace code in some of the entities in there. This is just a mod to improve my TSC skills, so it's really nothing special. Download...