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  1. Topazz

    xenForo: God?

    XenForo is taking over every forum. I hate it. Looks too modern, and probably slower on older computers. Everything will be over-simplified in the future. Old will die. Old will die. Old will die. Modern will win. Anyone that uses a Sega Genesis in the future will be executed. Modernism is god...
  2. Topazz


    Why does Curly have panties in her bedroom? Why would a robot need panties? Is she already wearing panties, and the other panties we saw was just an extra? My guess is she probably wears her panties when she's sleeping, just to get more comfy. I mean, you aren't wearing your main clothes when...
  3. Topazz

    There may have been a english translation of the Cave Story beta!

    One of my family members worked at this old video game company. A lot of times they were sent prototypes of games to test. Sometimes they would even translate games. My family member told me this. My family member, they left the company in 2002. I remember showing them Cave Story and they said...
  4. Topazz

    Quote's CPU?

    What kind of computer processor does Quote have? What OS does he run? Will these questions ever be answered???
  5. Topazz

    Cave Story is just a hallucination

    Don't know how this theory would work, but I had a dream where Game Theory said this. If anyone knows how this would work tell me.
  6. Topazz

    Making Quote for Smash Bros Brawl mod

    Hi. I'm making a Quote brawl mod. All I need is some sound effects. I'll post updates here.
  7. Topazz


    You are a robot. You wake up in a small cave, with a gun called the "Snake." All you remember is that your name is Quote, and you need to kill these rabbit people, called the Mimiga. You see an exit, that leads to another place. What will you do?
  8. Topazz

    Cave Story Dreams

    This is a thread about dreams about Cave Story or anything related to it. You can post your dreams here too. 1st dream: I had a dream where I was a Mimiga and I was walking in a forest with Sue, King and Toroko. And then Misery turned all of us into humans and robots, except Sue. And then, I died.
  9. Topazz

    Upscaler mods for CS???

    I saw these mods where you can upscale the sprites of CS, and I can't really find any. Where do I find them???
  10. Topazz

    What if Sue died instead of Toroko?

    So basically they get Sue cause they thought Toroko was Sue, and they bring Toroko back, and Kazuma and Booster worry for Sue. So basically they try to find Sue everywhere, and you are sent to the Sand Zone to find Sue and destroy the red flowers. Everything else is normal for the Sand Zone...
  11. Topazz

    What the heck is "Pix0101"?

    I saw this crap about this "Soapwalker" cave story beta entity and would like to post about this stuff. What is it?? Some hoax??? If you don't know what it is, type in "Pix0101" in Google or another search engine All I know about it is to not open it and to delete it and scan your PC, and in 24...