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    Recommend a game that you like that no one else seem to play

    Amazing Island a GREAT GC party game. you design monsters and -play with them in minigames! get out there and play it!!!!! downside: it was made in limited quanities.
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    I'm speed running cavestory, current record, around 2 days

    i went for no deaths and under 10 hp, and i finished with the normal ending (when you kill the core and jump off the island) in 3 hours.... but good luck! edit: right after i posted this I realized this might come across as snobbish. thats NOT the intention, so if you where offended I'm sorry.
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    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    hi! i finally joined after browsing the cave story section for about a year!
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    Favorite Weapon

    spur. the power is almost unmatched
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    Favorite Charakter

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    New Moderator

    YAY! shining phantom is a mod! i just joined this forum, but i have been reading it for a year or two, and i have to say, shining phantom was a perfect choice ^^