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  1. SkyeWelse

    Kickstarter (10 days left!) The Untold History of Japanese Video Game Developers

    Hi Everyone, John Szczepaniak, an editor from Hardcore Gaming 101, Retrogamer, and GamesTM, is going to be writing a new book that focuses on getting a great deal of new information and material from various Japanese developers working in the gaming industry for the last 30 years. His goal is...
  2. SkyeWelse

    The Cave Story Forums and Tribute Site Are Moving

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to officially announce that the Cave Story Tribute Site and the Cave Story portion of the forums are now under new ownership and will be moving away from MG.Net. The new owner, administrator and webmaster is Andwhyisit, who has purchased his own server space and...
  3. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    It has come to my attention that several threads and discussions have opened up in the Cave Story Hacking/Mods sections regarding hacking into the WiiWare version of the game and releasing pirated content for use on the PC. I do not condone of these actions in the least as not only is it a...
  4. SkyeWelse

    Wander Wonder Widescreen Wallpaper

    I'm sure many of you have never played nor heard of this game before, but it's damn awesome, similar to Alundra, Zelda, Ys and Diablo. Anyhow, I wanted to share a widescreen wallpaper for it based on the cover art for it. : ) Wander Wonder WS Wallpaper 1680 x 1050 -Thomas
  5. SkyeWelse

    MG Hacked

    Earlier this morning Mirai Gamer Forums was hacked and the index page was reset to show the hacker's signature. Someone who called himself "Red Devil". Not sure if it was just someone who wanted to see if they could hack the forum, or if it was someone who intends to do it again. In any case...
  6. SkyeWelse

    Get Equipped with YouTube Shot!

    So we now have a Youtube BB Code installed now: xKNguyctayI There's a button on the side that you can click on to use the code, or you can simply enclose the youtube filename (*NOT THE ENTIRE URL LINK!) in a BB Code bracket for [ YOUTUBE ] [ /YOUTUBE ]. So for example, the movie above was...
  7. SkyeWelse

    AARPG Questionaire Study

    Hey everyone, I'm starting a study on categorization of game genres to help with redefining what makes an Action-Adventure RPG and to also help with developing a good name for a website that will focus on the genre. To get the best results, we may ask a series of questions over time. We...
  8. SkyeWelse

    Legacy of Ys

    Well folks, Legacy of Ys was released for DS today. Ys is one of my favorite game series of all time and this is the first time since the release TG-16/Duo Release of Ys Books I & II that we've gotten both games together in a single package. If you've been curious about the Ys series, but...
  9. SkyeWelse

    My First LoLCats Submission

    Been wanting to make this image for awhile and I finally finished it last night. -SkyeWelse
  10. SkyeWelse

    Some game related artwork I've done that I feel like sharing on the forum.

    Welcome everyone, I just opened up this little sub-forum so that many of us can share our own game related artwork pieces with one another. I've been making various game art related projects for awhile now and much of it has been placed on the main Miraigamer website, but I'm not sure how...
  11. SkyeWelse

    New Style Template for MiraiGamer Forums

    I've just finished editing a new style template to overwrite the existing default style for the forums. The layout for this looks lot nicer and it is a bit more playful as well. : ) I hope you will enjoy it, and for those that already use another style besides the default, I encourage you to at...
  12. SkyeWelse

    Ys Stop-Motion Animation

    This was a short little stop-motion animation that I did recently with Ys as the theme. It's quite short in length, considering that it is around 80 frames or so. Maybe I can make a longer one when I can find the time some day. Youtube: Ys Stop-Motion Animation Sequence -SkyeWelse
  13. SkyeWelse

    The Plan for MiraiGamer Forums

    I realize that some of you all may be confused as to all of the various little side projects that seem to be going on with the forums, such as topics about new features being added, topics about grouping threads, a new forum for forum suggestions, et cetera. I'll do my best to try and explain...
  14. SkyeWelse

    RockMan vs. ALL 8 RM2 Robot Masters At Once

    Think you are up to the challenge? It's very hard. : ) -SkyeWelse
  15. SkyeWelse

    About the Security Token Errors / How the Forum Style Looks Now

    I received several inquiries by email regarding security token errors that would sometimes present themselves when a user decided to access their cpanel. These errors were attributed to the styles and templates not being up-to-date with the newest versions of vBulletin. I was originally trying...
  16. SkyeWelse

    About the Remaining Spam-Bots

    I'm sure some of you might have noticed that the forums are sometimes receiving spam messages from various spam-bot accounts, even after we've moved to the new server and upgraded the forums with much better spam protection. I just wanted to clarify that each one of these spam-bot accounts was...
  17. SkyeWelse

    Happy New Year from MiraiGamer Forums!

    Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2009 is great for all of you. : ) -SkyeWelse
  18. SkyeWelse

    New Forum Staff

    Just wanted to let everyone know that MetaSeraphim is now part of the MG.Net staff and will be assisting with organizing and restructuring the forums so that we can start adding more forum choices and content for our visitors. -SkyeWelse
  19. SkyeWelse

    MiraiGamer.Net Forums Reopened!

    I'm happy to announce that the MG.Net forums have now been reopened to the public. Thanks for being patient during the downtime. The forums have been upgraded to version 3.7.4 from the previous version of 3.0.7 courtesy of andwhyisit floating the bill for the upgrade. There are eventual plans to...
  20. SkyeWelse

    Heads Up! Forum is Moving to New Server

    This is more of an "informal" announcement than anything else, just to give a heads up for what the plan is currently for the forums. I've decided to find a cheaper solution to hosting since I've been paying around $25 a month for several years now. I finally managed to knock that price down...
  21. SkyeWelse

    New Forum Moderator

    I'm happy to announce that I've made andwhyisit a moderator here at the MiraiGamer Forums. andwhyisit has taken the helm of the re-design of the Cave Story Tribute Site at and has been in charge of updating the site with any new content that arises and has also helped a great...
  22. SkyeWelse

    Server Was Down Since Tuesday

    I was informed today by andwhyisit who told me that the server forums had some kind of error since Tuesday and asked me "andwhyisit" down. I apologize for any downtime that occurred. The source of the problem is unknown to me, but I'll look into it when I get a chance. Anyhow, everything should...
  23. SkyeWelse

    New Forum Admin

    I've appointed S. P. Gardebiter (ShInInG PhAnToM) as a new administrator of MiraiGamer Forums. He has been a moderator here at the forum in my absence for some time now and has done quite a job defending the place aganst spambots and bad posts. Until now, he has not had the abilities he has...
  24. SkyeWelse

    0 post count Members with 100 days since last log-in have been removed

    Just cleaning up a bit. I realize that we do get quite a few members that are spambots each day and it adds up in both member size and forum size. After all the server we are hosted from isn't one with unlimited file space. : ) Anyhow, I just manually went through a selection process to attempt...
  25. SkyeWelse

    Xak Series Retrospective Youtube Video I uploaded this awhile back as part of a digital media project where we just simply needed to put something up on Youtube. I think it turned out rather well, but I still need to make some more edit changes and eventually add the first part of the...