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    How is this possible?

    3:49, Right now I'm trying to beat it with 3 health and 0 missiles though, I just beat it with 8 health and no missiles (took around 7 minutes), eventually I'll beat it with the polar star, fire ball, and blade. Beating the island core with 3 health and no missiles was absurdly difficult though...
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    am i the only one

    The doctor kills him using the power of the crown. The lightning bolt is part of Ballos' channeled power. The doctor doesn't use lightning bolts against you because he was caught up using the red crystal. He's a mad scientist after all, and can't be expected to do anything he probably should do.
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    Two item questions (spoilers?)

    How are they pointless? They're for color and perfectionism.
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    Two item questions (spoilers?)

    the collected items, including the little man and jellyfish juice, fill your item list completely. If you're gonna trade anything, it's going to fill your item list completely, every other time you lose an item it's replaced.
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    Two item questions (spoilers?)

    That's the Clay medal.
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    Two item questions (spoilers?)

    So far, no one seems to know anything conclusive on either the beast fang or trading the nemisis for the bubbler. Since there are no extra item spaces on the inventory screen though, if you can get the beast fang you'll have to trade an item for it.
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    Cave Story Sacred Ground Speed Runs (Spoilers)

    Finished. And it took quite a few tries. Playing while recording si very hard as the framerate goes to hell. Anyway, I now have a 50 meg mpeg file and no where to upload it. Can you help me out somehow? (I also can't find any way to compress it).
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    What the heck is Balrog?

    He's a lunch box. I'm absolutely certain he's a lunch box.
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    How did you find Cave Story?

    I was guided to it by the very hand of fate, at which point I discovered why life was worth living.
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    Cave Story Sacred Ground Speed Runs (Spoilers)

    I was thinking of making a video of a Sacred ground <4 minutes run. Does anyone know of a good program for it? (I know there have been better times, but I can't beat 3 minutes without some sort of rapid fire... maybe I'll get a good game pad some day) Here's a screenshot of the title screen...