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    Disgust discussed

    For a second I thought "Wait Dabaski is back?!" on seeing this, but no, we just have forum noobs necrobumping threads with stupidly high amounts of exclamation marks and periods per character, as is usual. I am disgusted.
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    BLink's ULTIMATE resource guide to modding (CSE2) Cave Story 2020 edition

    BLink's ULTIMATE guide to modifying the Cave Story Engine 2 source code of Cave Story. =================== ---===GENERAL===--- =================== Setup: CSE2e is going to be the main branch of what we're editing. (if you don't know what a branch is, that's perfectly fine! I'll go over...
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    ORGTerm (Terminal based ORG playback)

    Introducing ORGTerm; The new way to play ORGs without platform dependencies. No longer will you have to put up with the drum sounds in WINE messing up, or inject your ORGs into CSE2 just to listen to them on non-windows platforms. ORGTerms is a terminal...
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    MODCON 2019 (Cave Story Annual Modding Contest)

    Greeting Critters and Gaudis, and welcome to MODCON 2019! THE place to take your greatest Cave Story mod creations, and claim this years bragging rights, (a small sum of cash) and be crowned champion of this years MODCON!! :momo: Without any haste, here are the rules for this year...
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    Did you play Cave Story on your first playthrough??

    Did you play Cave Story on your first playthrough?? Did you use a computer or a console to do it? If you did, then great!
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    If you put 3 existing art styles into vanilla cave story...

    There are some great art styles that might fit vanilla Cave Story. If you were tasked with adding one of these from existing games to the next official version of Cave Story, what would they be? It could be a pixel, vector, hand drawn, paper craft, ect. (3D and 2D are both allowed!) Also, how...
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    BLink's ULTIMATE resource guide to modding (freeware) Cave Story 2020 edition

    BLink's ULTIMATE guide to hacking vanilla Cave Story in 2020 This Guide assumes that you are making a mod on Windows, it is possible to make mods on Linux (or mac) but you are limited in a lot of ways as many tools are not compatible with Linux. Along with this, some of the information on...
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    Best Albums of 2018

    In the spirit of the close of the year, and blatantly copying X-cal at his 2018 indie game lineup, Let's share our favorite music albums that have been released this earthly cycle. List your faves, rank them, praise them, talk about that one track that REALLY shouldn't be put in there that drop...
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    More entities in Cave Story using sub entities feat. Cave array & Serri

    So sometime last week Serri asked me if it was possible to use TSC flags to have entities convert from their vanilla state to custom code and while I could have just given a straight "yes" answer and just gave some 3 lines of code on how to do it, I decided to dust off this "thing" I've had...
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    Cave Array

    I decided to make this mod as a thought experience and just for funsies to accompany this video I made: The mod can certainly be played without the context of the video though, so if you want to play the mod first/only then by all means go ahead. Q and A Download Link...
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    BLink's Money Hack

    Here's my money hack I've been working on an off on for the past while. This is the final iteration of it (hopefully) And it's fully compatible with most all mods. Features: Coins can be the same as the EXP shards or separate entities! Full TSC support for buying and selling items. Saves money...
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    BLink's Multi Layered Background Hack

    So here's some stuff I've been working on lately. Since this is such a complicated hack I've decided to put this in it's own thread. You can set various variables using <BKG as shown below and set how many backgrounds to draw with <BKN (setting <BKN to 0 makes ir render vanilla backgrounds). I...
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    Cat month 2017

    google lied to me
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    Move Skype/IRC chat to Discord

    Link to the discord CSTSF chat : Original post:
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    Move Cave Editor to Defunct Tools

    Because literally the only thing BL doesn't have that CS does is the sprite display of Faces and items/weapons. Like what? Haxinator? Weapon hacking? Map adding? *coughblackbackgroundscough* Ever since 3.5.1 BL has been at equal to CE and 4.1.4 has surpassed it by a very decent amount...
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    Official CS modding wiki thread

    Alright so this is now a thing: It's far from complete, but yeah it's going: and to anyone whose interested in the ORG database: Anyone who wants to help/add...
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    Japanese Scientists Create Glass that's almost as strong as steel

    Well; I knew this was coming sometime But wow, creating glass using levitation; who knew; Now I won't have to worry about dropping my smart phone ever again. Considering it was just two weeks ago...
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    Mod community..... future general thingy

    I'm not very good at putting things into words but bla blah ect. here goes. Basically the Mod community is pretty isolated, a lot goes on in secret and I respect that others want to not reveal content to get a better wow effect, but I also think that building up some hype and or better...
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    Notable mods thread in showcase?

    To show the beginners how mods should look: just some names off the top of my head King strife and sacrafice WTF Story Scism (I spelld tat wrong) Jenn's Journey Video Game Rave Story Dreams of Reality 2 just to name a few. gee, that's all I can think of to say but yeah it's an idea.
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    Super Mario Maker

    The latest and greatest by nintendo: Make your own mario levels! I played with the level maker some, it's not as good as BL (shots fired) but I think it's simple and easy to use. Some levels online aren't that great but the self completing ones...
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    EVO 2015

    So what did you guys think of it this year? I only watched Sm4sh and Smash melee, but I was hyped over it. Especially it being my first tournament I've watched on stream. I laughed as Zero tackled Mr.R in a 3-0 as diddy kong in grand finals. I cried, not seeing armada play peach, Mang0 SD...
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    The CSTSF 2015 Modding Competition

    Welcome to the 2015 CSTSF Modding Competition. Well let's get right down to it: Rules: To enter the competition, all you need to do is make a modification of CS or CS+, mods of other games do not count. Entries will be accepted on November 1st of 2015 until November 30th. During this time...
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    Annual CSTSF Mod competition?

    Just an idea What if we were enter out mods into an annual competition for judging and the sort and we could win certain trophies for certain aspects of the mods, such as: Curly Brace trophy - Best original character in a mod Sand Zone trophy - Best area in a mod Ma Pignon trophy - Best...
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    If Aliens suddenly invaded andwhyisit's house.....

    ... and abducted him, who would take ownership of the forums? I my opinion, the most worthy would be either Noxid, or HaydenStudios. Noxid because well, he's been here forever and it's become "his baby". But on second thought, I'm not sure if he could take responsibility for it or not...
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    hi guys, I left for like, 3 hours.

    oldoldold dumb stuff below I was a dram llama, running away from problems doesn't solve anything. to individually address my friends. Enlight: thanks for being there for me, you've really, really been a good friend, you were always there for me, and was always ready to listen to me...