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  1. Jaxcheese

    A discord server for pxtone users

    Hey pxtone fans! I'm putting together a discord server for both new and experienced pxtone users to share music, get help, and discuss whatever. From what I understand, the pxtone scene is pretty small (in the west, at least) and scattered all over the place. A lot of users probably don't even...
  2. Jaxcheese

    Emulating game systems in pxtone

    For the past year or two I've been writing most of my pxtone tunes with generic instrument samples created using the Genesis soundchip in Deflemask and then recorded and clipped into .wav files. So far it's worked well enough (you can read about my first album over here), but of course because...
  3. Jaxcheese

    Single-room Event Showcase

    There might be a thread for this, but as I far as I can see there isn't. I think a good idea for thread could be a showcase for beginner Cave Story editors, like me. Readers could post single room events or chains of events, made in a standard cave story editor, so that others could simply paste...