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  1. seren

    Nothing Story

    Totally belongs here ;) It is like explosive diarrhea, you can try holding it in as long as you can but it'll just come out harder in the end.
  2. seren

    Cave Story II

    Is this an OC mod? From the description it sounds like it :( And then it says number 34, which maybe your brain subconciously connected to rule 34, aka everything on the internet is porn. Which means you are making an OC slashfic with Toroko! Ohh Noo! I'd wait for Booster's Lab to come...
  3. seren

    Nothing Story

  4. seren

    help i dont know how play game

    Did you name the topic? Because rofl.
  5. seren

    Nothing Story

    I'm glad this meme wasn't allowed to die after it was unrightfully locked.
  6. seren

    Reason why The Doctor wanted Sue

    Blargo :D Could you imagine if that was the translation in the game?
  7. seren

    Would you have fought Misery if Omega hadn't shown up?

    Maybe the word you are looking for is "Act?"
  8. seren

    Who constructed the Core Room?

    Dammit man, spoilers. Now I either have to convince myself you are talking about a different mod or use brain bleach.
  9. seren

    SCS Episode 1 - forever version 0.9X due to being CANCELLED

    Ballos sending Quote back in time? That's absurd! Unbelievable! Yet, somehow makes for an interesting premise with many possibilities after that? Or is the whole thing a stable time loop and Quote's inability to speak is the only thing really blocking him from telling everyone that he knows...
  10. seren

    Execution Chamber

    Maybe they WERE on their way back, and the Sakamotos were sent there unknowingly as a forward recon unit...Cave Story 2, folks!
  11. seren

    King: Strife and Sacrifice (AKA King's Story)

    I was under the assumption it was going to almost be a full new game by the time the engine was done. IDK
  12. seren

    Misery Story (abandoned :c)

    Had to be done, but now this mini-avatar-meme thing we had going is now irrelevent. Was fun while it lasted.
  13. seren

    Cave Story with a fourth ending

    Microsoft will cut off all product support usually...15-18 years after release? Hmmm....
  14. seren

    Cave Story with a fourth ending

    If it exists, there is a way to break it.
  15. seren

    Execution Chamber

    Assuming he said that because Sue revealed the doctor's plan to use them, not what red flowers do.
  16. seren

    Noxid's Story v2.0 (finally)

    Not going to even begin to describe why it is in fact relevant, because it has a bunch of boring math that means very little to common people anyway, so I will just nod and say you are correct. I will relent that it is mainly a question of accuracy over precision, if not a little of both. Going...
  17. seren

    Noxid's Story v2.0 (finally)

    Not according to signficant figures.
  18. seren

    Cave Story 2

    Do whatever as it quite clearly will never be made. It being me.
  19. seren

    Flipped Races

    Hate bumping but this was showing so much progress and promise. Cripplechair, where art thou?
  20. seren

    Cave Story 2

    I've had ideas and even a draft about how it would start, what would get the plot going (who made Quote and Curly? Well, they're calling collect) and such along with how cutscenes would work, but I've not got nearly enough time to make it a reality :(
  21. seren

    King: Strife and Sacrifice (AKA King's Story)

    You'll understand when you're older. Not a slam, but fact. Some gaming moments will become much more lucid in hindsight.
  22. seren

    Should Cave Story be an anime?

    Don't fall in the trap of picking your favorite pieces or different animes as styles. You'd be getting one (maybe 2) studios working on it, and if you want you Last Exile view you get Gonzo, which has eye bleeding visuals but the story department is kind of bleck. You'd want a studio that is...
  23. seren

    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    To all them who are griping about not owning it: it was fleeping 8$ during the first week in steam. What is it now, 10? Holy moley, work 2 hours at any McDonalds and you can buy it. Think of entertainment as 5$ per 1 hour of product. If CS provides 2 hours of entertainment, it is (in marketing...
  24. seren

    Cave Story: Bad Ending

    Really exciting premise. Limitless potential with proper execution.
  25. seren

    Cave Story - Redesign v0.50.6

    Did the bushlands upper-area plunge to the bottom of the map ever get fixed? I think it was reported earlier in this thread. It is game breaking.