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    1 in 4 Americans Don't Know Earth Orbits the Sun. Yes, Really. ._. I think I need some time alone.
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    Don't Play On the Ice (and possibly other puzzle games)

    I made another puzzlescript game: NOTE: You must exit to the bottom of the screen to get to the next level! This is a game about sliding around and trying to break all the ice. It's also a game about the dumb games kids make up when they're bored...
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    Sandwich Joe Saga - Escape from Candy World

    (plays in-browser, uses HTML5) I had a lot of fun making this in Processing, and then my good friend Gan helped me port the entire thing to Google Dart so now it runs real smooth AND in your browser. :D I'm not sure what I want to...
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    CandyJam - 2 Week Game Jam!

    Yo everybody it's a new game jam check out the main page: It starts Today and ends Feb. 3. That's two Mondays. Two whole weeks before it's over! It was started to protest certain game companies trying to claim copyright on common words in titles (such as "candy" or...
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    [WIP] 3D Quote Model (Blender)

    I was inspired by the recent thread about a 3D printed Quote and felt like trying to make a model in Blender, in this case basing it directly off of this image: I think I can complete the rest of the model to satisfaction, with time, although smoothing it may be tricky. However, I've never...
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    uh-oh I made up a game it's new I came up with it 2 minutes ago it's called "Who can find the weirdest Youtube videos". The only real rule is, try and post a video weirder than the previous or, failing that, the weirdest one you got at the moment. Or, if you've got more than one, think about...
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    Coolest Metal Remixes You Will Ever Hear

    (I'm gonna post these because I was amazed to find none of them searching this forum and it's topics): By VikingGuitar, From the album "Made of Metal" 1. Of Rabbits and Robots: watch?v=J_i9fFR9lJE 2. Fields of Awesome (feat. Stemage): watch?v=mnzoSv2vRxY 3. From the Earth to the Moon & 4...
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    Private Mars Colony Project [%100 Real I swear] If you haven't heard about this yet, go ahead and look up some articles yourself. They're sending people to make a Mars colony and they're going to fund it through media and publicity. What do you think about all of this? Has...
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    Connorses's Song Remixes

    I made a beepbox remix of the theme from the trailer for Pixel's upcoming game, Gero Blaster. Because after only a 52-second trailer the theme is already stuck in my head. That man is amazing...
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    Puzzle Script - Super Easy Browser Puzzle Game Tool

    I programmed a puzzle game today. Check out and click "First Steps" to get started. I'm not kidding, it's easy and fun to make rules and games.
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    Hexxit Let's Play!

    My friend and I are recording our latest ventures into Hexxit and putting them on Youtube in spite of questionable quality microphones! HUZZAH! ...The shameless plug is because literally no one has seen it. o_O
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    Gan's Browser Based HTML5 Game Maker

    DISCLAIMER: I did not make this tool, it is a free program made by user Gan of the Game Maker's Garage forums. He integrated it into that website so you need a forum account to save projects online. If you have a question about using the tool, or a bug report, please bring it to him. Thanks...
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    Connorses's Hopelessly Ambitious Inspiration to Become a Modder

    Now, I've been programming in Java for some time now, in fact I started making an engine for a platform game using a program called Processing recently. I also like making art and music and such... I was looking through these threads and thinking how much fun it would be to try and make my own...
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    Google Your Name

    It's pretty rad to put "Connorses" in google image and get a ton of artwork and stuff I've posted. Who knew? So, what comes up when you google your online username? What about the image search?