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    Complete Failure: Death by Toroko
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    This is getting ridiculous!

    IT BURNS US!! I like wonderland because it has an item that lets you auto train, so there's almost no grinding. I got eight levels by leaving it on one weekend while I was out of town.
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    This is getting ridiculous!

    Hey, wonderland isn't actually a bad game. It's about as popular in Japan as Ragnarok is in Korea (although in some ways it rips them off badly). It's the only mmo I've seen with a traditional turn-based combat, and it has an interesting manufacture system. Now when a game is crap, and the...
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    Jokes, Jokes, and more Jokes

    Roughly PG-13
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    My attempt at Cavestory fighting game style sprites.

    Wow. Quote is phenomenal. Awesome work!
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    Movie script

    Oooo! Shiny! *grab* You know, if this is going to be an independent animation, you don't really need to format it. But if it's easier, knock yourself out.
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    Cave Story 3D project

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    Cave Story Dance

    I'm surprised someone hasn't done Cave Story caramelldansen.
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    Saddest thing ever

    O.o *rummage rummage* THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR ME TO LOSE MY GRAPHING CALCULATOR!!! *rummage rummage rummage rummage*
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    Movie script

    I've only played the original Myst, where there are only three talking parts, all of which are English. No, that's pure-bred gibberish.
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    Movie script

    Hmm, I see much enthusiasm for the new script. I'm glad there's action in the forums again! I will try to monitor the script as it progresses. Try not to do anything radical (like kill quote or curly), okay? Its nice so far, but I think Andwhy or someone pointed out before that using direct...
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    Movie script

    I will post the PDF of what I have (not much in the way of changes since the last time), you can expand on that, but I still want what I have to stay unedited; I will eventually finish it. Eventually. The Link is as follows. Download it to your computer, I will delete the link in 24 hours or...
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    Movie script

    I might still finish it. When I'm in my late twenties and come across it in the back of my closet, and am rich and have nothing better to do. ... What? Doesn't everyone become rich and famous by age 30?
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    Movie script

    Double post, but for good reason. I've been wanting to say this for a while... For the people who have been diligently (or at least with much impatience) keeping up to date with this thread, it's very obvious that I don't update. Ever. The general excuse I give you is that I'm busy, no? Well...
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    Movie script

    Um, FYI, he is quiet. Always.
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    Tribute Site Update!

    Holy crap! This is sheer awesomeness. And the sprites looks pixel clear to me.
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    Movie script

    1) You do know that Curly isn't supposed to die, and that Quote rescues her in the best ending, right? 2) I know death adds depth to the story, that's why both King and Toroko die. But seriously, I really didn't want to kill of everybody because then there would only be about 4 good characters...
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    U3, anyone?

    So if you've ever gotten a SanDisk USB device, or something close to it, you've probably gotten to use U3. For the rest of you, U3 is a lightweight operating system for flash drives, and it works pretty darn well. Since there is a program feature on the operating system, I took the liberty of...
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    Take the Quiz

    Internet rulez prevail again. I'm surprised someone scoured the forums and actually resurrected this.
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    Here are the greatest: 3 parts, third is the best: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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    Cave Story 3D project

    Balrog looks not too surprisingly like one of those over sized preschool legos with the faces on them. I know there's not much to go by, but try rounding off some of the edges and giving him a more robotic texture. Or just make him shinier. :p
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    Cave Story 3D project

    If you're just making an artist's rendition, you're doing fine. If you're trying to make objects for say, a game, I'd go with the more cartoon look, since it seems to be what pixel was intent on. Basically make them about a foot and a half shorter and give them slightly larger heads. Oh, and try...
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    Movie script

    Jacob is right; writing is also slower and lacks spell check, which is vital to the script's existence.
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    Movie script

    What part of "Middle of nowhere with no technology" did you not understand? I've made no script progress in the last week.
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    Cave Story: Metroid

    Yes I am a nerd.