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    U3, anyone?

    So if you've ever gotten a SanDisk USB device, or something close to it, you've probably gotten to use U3. For the rest of you, U3 is a lightweight operating system for flash drives, and it works pretty darn well. Since there is a program feature on the operating system, I took the liberty of...
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    Here are the greatest: 3 parts, third is the best: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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    - Download Here - This is an interesting game I found the other day while watching Zero Punctuation. Found out the guy makes games. So, this is an old 8-bit style game made by some guy not in the USA (never in the US... damn). He made the game, all of the images and music, and even some...
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    Super Mario Epic Hack

    Greatest hack ever.
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    It's an interesting game, for people who like 3rd person 2D shooters (ring a bell?). You can get it here: EDIT: Found out how to set up an online game, if anyone ever downloads it.
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    Cave Story meets Game Maker

    Honestly, Game Maker is one of the best game programming systems I have ever seen. and I keep telling myself "if only I could edit Cave Story with Game Maker". So I started trying to recreate the basic Cave Story Engine on Game Maker. If I can get it, mods will be simpler to make and...
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    This is one of those days... Okay, I really don't understand sprites in Sue's Workshop. You enter the number of the sprite (if I could ever figure out what sprite number does what), and it comes out with a character that does something. Is there any way to make an NPC that doesn't do anything...
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    Yet another badly made character.

    Here's my wonderful cave story character. Yes, he's a shovel brigade guy with a headband. I'm not exactly Vincent van Gogh. The character is in a mod I'm trying to make, thought I'd put him here. Raffi: Download:
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    Ame Manga

    See title for inept question. Download comic here: Translation please?
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    More of a twist

    This isn't as much of a mod as it is an interesting twist. You play through the fights with the Doctor as King instead of Quote. You have no booster, 15hp, and only the blade. Apart from that, there is a slight change in dialog, but this is mainly for the challenge. Note: Please only use the...
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    Just a thought.

    Is it possible to change the duration that you can be in the air with the Booster 2.0? Wasn't sure, but it'd be pretty cool to be ably to fly around forever. :D Just a thought.
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    Take the Quiz

    This is what boredom has brought me to. Take the cave story quiz: Note: I plan to make this quiz longer, if you have a question suggestion, please PM me so people can't see the answer. EDIT: If you get the first one wrong, I slap you in the face.
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    Have you seen this Manga??

    Yes, evidentially, there is a Cave Story Manga in Japanese somewhere on the internet! Be on the lookout for it. If I can get all of the pages, I will see into getting it professionally translated into English. Seriously. I also looks exceedingly similar to the new PSP box art. That is fan...
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    Movie script

    Hi all you people with no life. I'm trying to make a manuscript out of cave story. It seriously would make an excellent Anime movie. Any suggestions on things to add/remove/alter? The movie plays as a mix of easy/hard mode. Booster and curly live, but Quote never actually learns about Ballos...
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    Still don't get it.

    I still don't get Mimigas. It never really explains them in cave story. I started to think they were some strange species only on the island, but Sue came from the surface... My guess is they're just indigenous to the game, like all those weird talking animals to Dragonball Z. I wanna know if...