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  1. RageRuner

    Before the Echo [Sequence] - Rhythm Games and RPGs Mix

    1 year and 9 months ago, I purchased a game called "Before the Echo" for around $5, which is still its full price, looking for a cool RPG to play (it being a rhythm game was a cool bonus.) I really liked this game and was also surprised to see its release date to have been in 2011. Overview...
  2. RageRuner

    Cave Story+ vs. Kero Blaster

    -Notice- -These are my opinions, I don't speak for anyone else when I make this thread -The original Cave Story will not be part of this, the 10 year difference obviously would make this unfair. So I was just hanging around, playing Cave Story+ when I suddenly remembered, "Hey, Pixel made more...
  3. RageRuner

    Is it worth buying Cave Story+ Switch Edition?

    Straight to the point, I liked complaining about my favorite game, so why not do it again! Gameplay Unlike Steam Edition, there are a few tweaks 1. Sandzone, remember this tedious zone? Well, it's improved, all the dogs are in a smaller area, and you can carry them all at once, aside from being...
  4. RageRuner

    What was the first ending of Cave Story you got?

    Ok, so, I played Cave Story through and through, and looked at many discussions of "A 4th ending," I agree that this is the Mimiga Mask Ending and I am very curious, what was your first one. I was a pretty stupid little kid, and looking back on it, I just wanted to beat the game, so I skipped...
  5. RageRuner

    Defending The Bubbler/Bubble Line

    As I watch my reputation for being a person who starts arguments gets bigger and my coolness points go into the -1000's I'm going to defend this weapon that everybody seems to hate on. When I say that I'm going to defend this weapon I don't mean that its a master piece, because its not, but...
  6. RageRuner

    Cave Story Multi-Challenge Mod

    Happy 15th Anniversary Cave Story! This is the final update of the mod, if any bugs are present, yell at me, I'll fix them, though I think I got them all. The Non-secret mods are: - No Gun Challenge - Polar Star Challenge - Bubbler Challenge (Optional) - Missile Launcher Challenge - Snake...
  7. RageRuner

    Is it worth buying Cave Story+?

    <!> Skip if you don't really care about what this was gonna be <!> This was originally going to be "Is it worth buying Cave Story Wii" then I realized, the Wii Shop died a few months ago, then it was "Was it worth buying Cave Story Wii?" then I realized, again, nobody cared, they bought it and...
  8. RageRuner

    So Im Working On A Project, Speed Story, and These Things Keep Happening:

    ____Text Box Noise____ While testing the game out when ever I go into a new map the text box sound always plays no matter what, I tried a few things like playing Music0000 (None - (Silence)) and it still doesn't work ____Crashes____ This is one of the most annoying problems I have Is crashing...
  9. RageRuner

    Cave Story Easy (Free Ware)

    Seems I messed it up, I am restarting the making process as we speak!
  10. RageRuner

    How get rid of the Doukutsu credits on the title screen and the Version too

    Im working on The Traveler, with nothing to do with Cave Story except for its graphics, and I need to to put "RageRuner" instead of "Doukutsu" on the title screen, Im using Boosters Lab to make it so if there is any way to edit the file please tell me