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  1. DoubleThink

    The CSTSF Comfy Compilation

    Geetings fellow denizens :mahin: It's been a while since there's been an extensive community event of any sort, and I've already been sitting on this idea for longer than I wanted to. The premise works thusly: We create an array of original ORGs and attempt to fill out an entire OrgView with...
  2. DoubleThink

    Post all Guxt mods here (at the moment)

    In order to prevent the editor thread from over-clutter and too many discussions happening at once, I'm creating another topic here wherein to post and discuss any such exciting new creations. I'll keep a list of them here as well, for further ease of access. All currently posted Guxt mods...
  3. DoubleThink

    Official CSTSF Mirai Modding Contest Discussion Thread (Over)

    Bonus Item Modding Allowances and Limitations Entries and Submission Times The final deadline has now been set firm at 12:00 AM PDT Monday the 26th of November. Judging Prizes Other -Don't complain if I tell you you need to change something that I haven't specifically mentioned or...
  4. DoubleThink

    Profile Feed Misuse

    Hello every one. As a result of user complaints and some internal staff discussion, we've decided that the usage of profile feed posting could do with some extra guidelines. These aren't going to be very strenuous at all, mainly the aim is cut back on low-value spam. Some examples of things I/we...
  5. DoubleThink

    PSA: Don't Use Cave Story+ Graphics In Your 2x Res Mods (etc.)

    In light of recent modding developments, and with Switch Story on the horizon, I think it's worth making this clear again, particularly for any newer members popping in. Assets from Cave Story+ (graphics, music etc.), or any other monetised release of Cave Story, will not be accepted on the site...
  6. DoubleThink

    Planning/Brainstorm for Next Mod Contest

    Alright, so, this is not an organisation thread. For the time being I have no real intention to run a contest myself, especially when it comes to actual prizes and the like. I'd rather post this now though, to get it in before anything might start happening. Maybe coming up with something...
  7. DoubleThink

    The Air Is Spikes

    In light of recent events (and the fact that they seem to have fried my network card) I thought I'd spark something else to maybe talk about. This is a concept minimod idea I had a while ago. It works as such: You start with 50 health (+ two free hits to get up to speed) and need to survive for...
  8. DoubleThink

    Ten Bloody Years

    Oh look at that I didn't really know what to ultimately expect when I joined up, but for the most part it's been great watching the community develop and the things we've been able to produce. And I guess some of the people are kind of okay too :pignon: I still enjoy being here as much as I...
  9. DoubleThink

    Force blocking the Windows 10 update

    So yeah I don't know how far behind the curve I am or who actually cares about staying on 7/8.1 but for those who do: Making a backup probably wouldn't be a bad idea either if you're able Tell your friends, spread the love, etc
  10. DoubleThink

    Late to the party

    Over the last few days I've finally gotten around to buying + playing this (I'm terrible, I know) and duly, I have some impressions to share. Conversation here is slow enough that I figure there's space for a new thread. This may come as a shock to some of you, but overall I have to say that...
  11. DoubleThink

    Mini-STGT majigger

    Hype thread '11 Team thread '11 Hype thread '12 Team thread '12 Alright so some of you may have noticed this never got organised properly last year, and it doesn't look like it's going to be any time soon. Instead there's a semi-mini-shooty-tourney that's looking like it'll be the big(gest) dig...
  12. DoubleThink

    Section Guidelines/Necessity Discussion

    Continuing the discussion from the other thread: Since its inception, this subforum has been host to plenty of ideas, but not a whole lot of development. If it's to be worth retaining, some stricter limitations on content should really be enforced; and even then, it may prove possible to provide...
  13. DoubleThink

    Modding Complexity List: What's Easy And What's Not

    Seeing as Ideas come before implementation, I've decided to make this thread here. I don't feel like starting to write up a detailed list tonight, so I'll throw out some interim talking points: -What TSC script is capable of on its own (which is more than most think) -Why certain hacks are...
  14. DoubleThink

    STGT '12 Team Thread - Tournament landslide leaves Daves in position 16

    You have no idea what I went through to get this looking good (at least for CS Dark :awesomeface:) because IP Board does something horrific to column spacing both in and out of code tags, but here's the team: Team Name|||||||||||||||Location|||||Busy Weeks||||Team Position...
  15. DoubleThink

    Rules Update + Moderation Discussion

    Time to get this done, now that I'm not entirely busy with other things on the site. For the time being, I'll let you all mention and discuss anything that you think needs to be added or made clearer, before I try to remember what I was intending to do :pignon2: I would also like to try and...
  16. DoubleThink

    STGT '12 Hype & Recruitment Thread - Let's Try This Again

    Read This Properly One year after the last painfully disorganized but somehow not too bad attempt, it's time to see if it's worth trying this out again. I was going to wait until the reg thread was up, but it's already later than last year and neither it nor the regular Speed Demos Archive...
  17. DoubleThink

    TSC Trickery: Help Thread For Simplification & Visual Effects

    So I just had a possible brainwave. Over time, I've come up with preferred ways of creating certain effects, and picked up a few from playing other mods. Now, while there's a multitude of "how I make this work" threads, there has (from memory) never really been a place to discuss how to make the...
  18. DoubleThink

    Cave Story TAS

    Because apparently you don't need emulation to do this anymore: 8NYJA-JGJx0 YOU ARE NOT PREPARED. The submission info can be read here, if you want to know how this was possible. Features mention of ex-forum-user upthorn!
  19. DoubleThink

    Community Project Dev Thread [DONE]

    Community Project Dev Thread [COMPLETION CHECKLIST POSTED] Old OP: Project modding rules Scripting rules and tips: EXAMPLES OF WHAT YOU COULD DO: [/SPOILER] Submission form Submission and area lists (also flag numbers) Area list (flag numbers go here): [/SPOILER] I have almost...
  20. DoubleThink

    Take 8: CS+ Community Project Discussion Thread

    Okay I've taken pretty much every courtesy I can think of before posting this idea publicly, so here it is. I propose a collaborative community effort, the main aim of which will be to produce a mod of substantial size for the first planned CS+ update in December. In this post, I will attempt to...
  21. DoubleThink

    Pixel Games High Score Thread

    So I was thinking it would be nice if we had a place to put our on-forum records for all of Pixel's stuff (where applicable at least). Partly to stop them all getting lost to the depths of time, and maybe to promote some friendly competition as well :) This will include Hell times for now...
  22. DoubleThink

    Implementation of the Infractions System

    In an attempt to set up a clear and direct system for the site staff's moderation needs, we've decided to (finally) set up vBulletin's User Infractions properly. The way it works is simple; each type of infraction will give a user a certain number of infraction points that will expire after a...
  23. DoubleThink

    STGT '11 Team Thread - Contest over, we finished 14th!

    The tournament starts soon, the team is signed up, and so it's time to throw up the official team discussion thread! This will serve as our tactical melting pot, wherein I will MAKE IT MY MISSION IN LIFE to help everyone with whatever difficulties they have, be they technical or with that...
  24. DoubleThink

    Sometimes the facts are wrong

    Original story here, with bonus ads I could heap some cynicism onto this but I'll wait to see if anyone has anything to say first
  25. DoubleThink

    ShooTing Game Tournament '11 Hype and Recruitment Thread - READ LATEST POST

    I'll try to keep this vaguely succinct :debug: Once a year this other site I'm active on gets teams together for a reasonably-friendly-but-reasonably-competitive shmup tournament over on this other other site. So, after spending a couple of years learning the ropes, I thought that this year I'd...