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  1. Mint

    Special World: Moonside (Updated 9/3/2022)

    Following a series of unfinished large mods I've had the smart idea to make a small stage-based mod not unlike vorC, but without the cheap 'horror' so I can actually make a finished mod. This idea probably came like almost 2 years ago, but after multiple extreme hiatuses here it finally is! The...
  2. Mint

    Auto Story

    Oh boy probably the only mod I posted this year and it's a CSBD and waste of time. I probably don't need to explain much, no screenshots needed, and not much explanation required either. So what is this exactly? It's quite simple, it's basically just the game playing itself. That's it, decided...
  3. Mint

    Using OoB tiles in your maps

    I'm a bit out of touch with the modding communities so I can't confirm but as far as I know this is a little useful quirk that isn't too well known, and I felt like it might as well be documented in a post like this. Basically this is gonna be a post on the behavior of tilesets regarding the use...
  4. Mint

    CSModLauncher (BETA)

    (I've been procrastinating making this post forever so it's good I'm finally getting this out here) This is a little project of mine that is made with goal to manage mods more easy, getting rid of the need to navigate through folders, but also comes with an way to easily update your mods! Yes...
  5. Mint

    Cave Story But you have a map select

    Before getting your hopes up, this is technically just a CSBD. And also another low effort thing of me. The basis of this is that the Life Pot (which you will now start with, among other things) now will allow you to select a different map to go to, while keeping your x/y position. (EDIT: It...
  6. Mint


    Oops I made a complete mod for once. I'm gonna skip the formalities and say that this mod has some extreme levels of low effort but it was still something I wanted to not leave unfinished. There's no special meaning behind it either so have fun coming with that for yourself. Use arrow keys to...
  7. Mint


    I actually joked about this in an earlier post, but here it is anyway: FontConfigEdit A quick C#-written console tool that edits vanilla Cave Story Config.dats to easily change the font. It's more or less to replace having to use an hex editor as all this wants you to do is to just give a font...
  8. Mint

    Dreams Below (First Demo)

    Dreams Below This is my third real mod, edging once more towards trying to look a bit more original. This is also my first mod that isn't monochromatic. While it isn't much yet (it's a demo, of course it isn't a lot), I hope everybody at least likes the ideas and that I haven't once again made a...
  9. Mint

    Color Story (V0.3.5)

    COLOR STORY (Yes I know that name sucks.) This is my first mod that isn't just a graphics change. Story Screenshots Download; Version 0.4 Version 0.3.5 Third Demo Second Demo First Demo Known issues Please let me know what you think of this.
  10. Mint

    Cave Story running slow on Windows 10?

    So today I upgraded to Windows to see how it's like, and I noticed that I have one major problem: Cave Story clearly runs a bit slower. I have had no problems running it on Windows 7. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  11. Mint

    MonoStory: Cave Story in Black and white! V1

    MONO STORY Cave Story in B&W! This is my first mod(although it's more of a mini-mod), so I hope everybody likes the idea behind this.. This mod is simply the same as the original Cave Story, but with one difference: Everything is in black and white! Everything in the mod does not have any...