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  1. Goerge Bobicles

    Super Robot Wars V

    Super Robot Wars is a game series from Japan featuring robots from many different anime. To this day its releases outside of Japan have been limited due to licensing issues and copy right. The most the rest of the world ever saw of the series were some of the Original Generation games, featuring...
  2. Goerge Bobicles

    Taking Mod Art Requests

    Do you suck at sprite art? Do you find it hard to manage between making new graphics and working on other things such as scripting and level design? This is the thread for you I am now doing commissions for custom graphics. here are the guidelines: you can only request 2 a month try to give...
  3. Goerge Bobicles

    Surface: The Discarded Tools

    Been a while since I've released a mod, I think this one will be better than the others. Back Story (Not really implimented the current demo. Probably gonna change): screenshot: download: hacks: graphics: Goerge Bobicles music: Nights and Reala org done by Zenix
  4. Goerge Bobicles

    Avatars for YOU

    For a while, I have been making and handing out avatars to some people around the forums. they've become so popular that I have decided to make a thread where you can request an avatar and I will make it as soon as I see your request. Request what you want you're avatar to look like and I will...
  5. Goerge Bobicles

    gun hand

    Why does Jack always have his hand shaped like a gun? does he just do this so no one will question him as 2nd in command? is his hand paralyzed? is he threatening Quote or the doctor's "minions"? or does he just have some god awful manners?
  6. Goerge Bobicles

    good cookies

    this is an edited recipe of chocolate chip cookie recipe I got from a high school chem book. personally I've found them to be one of the best homemade cookies you can make, and I wanted to see what everyone thought. Ingredients 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 1/3 sticks unsalted...
  7. Goerge Bobicles

    Pappa Jeans

    oval table Mod try it give me feedback and continue your daily life v.1: mediafire dropbox a mod with Kyng's Pizza, WTF weapons, a spam enemies, grammer mistakes, and 666
  8. Goerge Bobicles

    Police force/officer story

    Do you have a sense of justice coursing through you? not really... Do you wish to be the one to judge those who are evil? err... no? Do you want to make 1000$ an hour YES!!! Well to bad, you only get to play as a futuristic robot cop...
  9. Goerge Bobicles

    Gaudi vs Drolls

    have you ever wanted to see a gaudi fight off a bunch of drolls? no probably not... I made a mod about it any way! please try it & tell me what you think. this mod is just about done. I may go back to fix a few things like bugs and stuff, may even make a sequel to it because of how short it...
  10. Goerge Bobicles

    Free Sh:pping

    Have the urge to pair 2 characters :n a loving relat:onsh:p, or perhaps you see them hat:ng each other or are are only just fr:ends. Heck :f you want you could do a comb:nation of any of those. th:s thread is just a way to say what, who, and how you ship the characters of cave story. Here is...
  11. Goerge Bobicles

    Where can I find working links to some old mods?

    I'm starting this thread because i'm new here and I'm having trouble looking for some of the older cs mods like Misery story. If any of you know where a working link to it, or any other older cs mods that are hard to find, please post them here