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  1. WoodenRat

    Cave Story is Quote's dream, he's in a coma.

    After you beat the core in the labyrinth, then drown, then Curly "saves" you (the character), you actually entered a deep permanent coma and just kept on dreaming everything else, over and over. that's why the game is repeatable and the speed run timer is there. it's the same dream. but slightly...
  2. WoodenRat

    I'm fucking happy this is still here.

    I'm just happy that this forum still exists. I'm happy that forums in general still continue existing. Thanks, everyone, for being here all these years. This place meant a lot to me and I met some great people and spent some great times on IRC and skype, back in 2007-2012. That's all.
  3. WoodenRat

    been here for 10 years lol

    just listened to some old cavestory tracks and I realised damn... I've been here for over 10 years LOL. kinda weird how this game is so influencial to many people. looking back, it sure inspired me to continue with art and graphic design and whatnot. and now I'm making a living off of it...
  4. WoodenRat

    PUBG Thread Why the hell is this game so damn hard. Anyone good at it?
  5. WoodenRat

    >buying video games

    I was right. 7 years ago I was making fun of each and every one of you americans who pay money for video games. my prayers have been answered, as there is a meme that makes fun of you as well. I just came back to post this. I've been laughing at people who PAY for video games, something you...
  6. WoodenRat

    how's everyone doing?

    was kinda wondering how the old regulars (and new people) were doing? most of you fuckers are like 30 now, since back in 2010 when I was 24/7 on these forums/irc you guys were older than me. did you finish your universities? get married? jobs? something. the irc is dead most days so I'm just...
  7. WoodenRat

    most retarded interface ever?

    I come back to these forums after decades of hiding and find the most retarded interface ever. how the hell do I even look for my posts? doesn't matter, it matters that insignificant stuff like Avatar are more important than Posts. I wanna make it simple, like back in '09!
  8. WoodenRat

    Quote's name being Quote.

    Okay why is Quote named Quote and not something else. What is he quoting? Why not a normal name like Bill, or George?
  9. WoodenRat

    Secret grasstown song? At around 4:40 in this video you can a see a never-before seen (or heard xDDD) song that was apparently used by Pixel himself in Cave Story. There are rumors that it's unlockable. Anyone know anything about this?
  10. WoodenRat

    Did Noxid send me this song?

    I remember one of you men sent this song (on IRC) Was it Noxid?
  11. WoodenRat

    Putin thread

    Ukraine gettin #rekt and #n0scoped. NATO sending soldiers and war airplanes to Eastern Europe (to my country too, America recently sent random troops, come at me Putin) Does this mean war, will we finally see call of duty irl, or will Putin fall? According to the Kremlin the baltic states...
  12. WoodenRat

    CIS privilege, Feminism, The Patriarchy, Rape Culture.

    Yes. It's that time again. Time for the most rageworthy discussion ever conceived - a discussion about: cis privilege- If caricatures from 4chan are correct, this is what cis privilege basically is - you were born as a man, you perceive yourself as a man, so that gives you invisible...
  13. WoodenRat

    Your opinion on steroids.

    Sterons, juice, gear, celltech... There are many names for it. What's your take on steroids guys? Which ones are your favorites? Are you against them? Me? I'm not against them. I'm against people taking them too early in the lifting game.
  14. WoodenRat

    Cave Story frag video It's kinda old, but still brings a smile to my face.
  15. WoodenRat

    Breaking out of your comfort zone...

    Just a thought I thought of exactly five seconds ago. The turning points in your life, those moments when you broke some barrier, however small it may seem to other people... My last one was entering a powerlifting competition. Share yours.
  16. WoodenRat

    It wasn't about the enraged mimigas...

    I believe the true enraged mimigas were the men, who wanted to use them as weapons. Discuss.
  17. WoodenRat

    Ever stole anything?

    Topic title. Just answer it. Share a story about stealing something.
  18. WoodenRat

    What are your stats?

    What's your height/weight/age? Before someone gets anal rampaged about this being spam, I'll say this is for statistical purposes. Me? I got measured a week ago. 191cm (google says it's 6 feet 3 13⁄64 inches) Weight is 93kg (205 lbs, fluctuates from 197 to 205 though) Age: 18 Any replies...
  19. WoodenRat

    Funny copy-pastas

    I've seen what getting jizzed on by a group of people does to a man, it is not pretty. I wasn't a part of it but when I was 12 or 13 I went to a sleep away summer camp and this is like when we were starting to discover porn and jacking off. Some kid brought some playboys and naked playing cards...
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  21. WoodenRat

    No fap 2012.

    So how are you lasting?
  22. WoodenRat

    beta stories

    Share stories in which you acted like a total beta male (or beta female). >sit in bus >hot girl makes eye contact, smiles >do nothing >leave in next stop, go home
  23. WoodenRat

    I started going to the gym.

    Yeah so let's just talk about that.
  24. WoodenRat

    Bungee jumping.

    I don't mean to brag but, having skydived, I figured it would also be fun to go bungee jumping. Has anyone here tried it? Probably not. Then just share your opinions on this subject. I'm mostly interested in Noxid's opinion on this matter...As well as Cultr1's.
  25. WoodenRat

    Music Bill Gates is listening to right now.

    I was going to write "stayin alive" but then I felt bad and edited it out.