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  1. nuclearminer66

    I made a DnD-like discord server here's the link, if you want
  2. nuclearminer66

    Discussion on our favorite cinnamon roll murderbot

    Curly is cute. But why? Discuss.
  3. nuclearminer66

    Let's Type! The Shadow Moses Incident

    this is a port of my thread over at METAL GEAR SOLID .___TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION___. RULES (who reads these) Im the DM here, trying to story Only one action per post Unless otherwise stated, one character per player Try not to double...
  4. nuclearminer66

    CS+ just updated on steam. why

    Can someone go check to see if they fixed the "curse broken" bug? they might've finally gone and done it
  5. nuclearminer66

    What if CS3D was actually 3d? and good?

    I kind of want to make a 3d remake of cs+ but i dont know how to make a 3d game so dont expect it to be good