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  1. Chaddykins

    I'm re-doing my Cave Story low% speedrun.

    Pretty much covers what I want to say in the topic name :X I'll post my segments and other developments as I go. Developments to come soon. 1st Development- Figuring out that skipping Chaco's Fireplace is possible with only 3 HP (holy hellll)...
  2. Chaddykins

    Anyone have Misc Music/Sound effects from Cave Story as mp3?

    Like, the sound of picking up xp crystals, anything like that. Also music like getting a Life Capsule or winning a boss battle or picking up an important item. I ask because I'm trying to customize my phone to be all Cave Story sounds and stuff =x Any help is appreciated :p
  3. Chaddykins

    Another Min. Items Hell run 3'46'4 Yup, another one of these. I"m not doing anymore min. items hell runs for a really really long time >_>. Mistakes/Time wasted -2nd room was mean as hell the whole time I was trying to do this run :x I think around 3-5 seconds was wasted in this...
  4. Chaddykins

    Even faster minimum items hell run =o 4'15'8

    yeay sub 4 minutes is possible methinks...with enough patience.. Your turn Noby.
  5. Chaddykins

    New faster Min items Hell run 4'51'3

    So yeah, got a faster time in hell..slightly Mistakes I made: -2nd room's randomness -Still spending some time at bute spawn points -Could've killed Heavy Press slightly faster, maybe -Ballos' first form could've been killed slightly faster -2nd form, I hesitated at the end and had to go...
  6. Chaddykins

    Anyone else make Cave Story characters in other games?

    Example This might be passable for a Quote =X I dunno. but yeah I get bored and do this stuff sometimes when I find a game with a good character creator (Not that PSU does, it just kinda happened)
  7. Chaddykins

    Boss Rush Video

    They also translated SeriousFace's Boss Rush mod, and there's a google video of someone owning it =X
  8. Chaddykins

    So I've been speedrunning Cave Story with minimum items...

    ...and I'm almost done. All I have left is Hell, and then..It'll be complete weee. I thought I'd post it here from the forum I was tracking my progress on was a little less than responsive >_>. can check the thread I was keeping all my progress on here Click Me...
  9. Chaddykins

    Fan Music link from the Cave Story tribute page

    There was a link to some really good fan music on the tribute page but now the page with the music seems that it has been moved or deleted or something. The link was under the Music section and it was called "Various Cave Story track remixes". Now you just get a japanese Forbidden page. Does...
  10. Chaddykins

    I finally did it..Min.Items Hell Run

    I finally beat Hell with minimum items and stuff...yay! Funny thing was faster than my plain 3HP run..wieeerd huh? And once again I screwed up the opening room >.< Video here >_> (the sound and video sync is is wierd like that...
  11. Chaddykins

    Would using a life pot be cheating...

    I was wondering what you all thought about using the life pot during a minimal items game. Would that be considered taboo orrr...? The reason I ask is because I had to use it during the doctor fight..Without it I would still be trying to beat the doctor and the Undead Core x_x..
  12. Chaddykins

    Low HP hellruns?

    I was wondering if there was anybody else actually trying to run hell with 3HP and what the best times and stuff they got, because I finally got through Hell alive with 3HP and my time wasn't horrid..(it was actually better than my first time getting through with 55HP..) I uploaded my low hp...
  13. Chaddykins

    A trailer for Cave Story?

    Hi guys, this is my first post here I was thinking about making a trailer for Cave Story because all the people I try to explain the game to think it sounds lame or something equally bad. If I could make a trailer and actually show them the game in action it'd be better than trying to explain...