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    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Get hyped.
  2. MetaSeraphim

    Embarrassing/Shameful Secrets Thread.

    I dunno, this could go along with the "Low-Key Secrets Thread" but it seems like people mostly post their annoyances there. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) Anyway, I wanted a more topic centered thread but if the mods want to merge the two go ahead. When I am at work and I...
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    I love you.

    You're a totally cool, awesome and wonderful person.
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    Did anyone buy Pokemon Black 2/White 2?

    I noticed that there was no discussion on it. No one decided to bother with them?
  5. MetaSeraphim

    Dead people.

    What are your thoughts on dead people? Should they stay dead, or do they have as many rights as living people?
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    Who are you?

    Difficult question to answer, but answer it to the best of your ability. This thread is all about you and only you. So, who are you?
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    The Four Horsecats of the Kittypocalypse.

    What was first only told in a PM is now told to the entire forum! Also, I realize this thread would be a lot better with pictures, but you'll just have to use your mind until I get my camera fixed. While staying at my friend's place I went outside to the crying of kittens. I walked around...
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    Usergroup Updates.

    Recently I noticed my inbox size was 200 instead of the old 100, I believe this is a good chance and want to suggest more change for long time members of the forum when it comes to their limits on certain things. All these changes if accepted would only be applied to a new usergroup for long...
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    How are you people?

    I haven't been around the forum much so I kind of wanted to check up on y'all, also, posting this in the SL for serious answers. So, how has everyone's summer/winter been going?
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    Theories Forum.

    Due to a little thing that popped up in this thread an apparent problem has come up. The Theories forum has a lot of junk in it. Most of the problem seems to stem the fact that people ask simple questions there which isn't exactly the purpose of the forum since the word theory means: 1. a...
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    Take a look, 19 years into the future. QuoteXCurly will be 32 years old. . .
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    Cave Story Hurt and Heal.

    I am surprised we never had one of these before. You can hurt someone and heal someone or double hurt one character once per post. No double healing. Each character starts with 10 HP. You must wait until two people have posted after you to post again. Quote 10 Curly Brace 10 Balrog 10 Misery...
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    Full List of Characters and Monsters?

    Is there one?
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    What is this?
  15. MetaSeraphim

    My Signature.

    As if my ever present love of gifs wasn't obvious enough I have updated my siggy to have even more gif images! You thought my siggy couldn't contain more? You were wrong. DEAD WRONG! In the past my siggy changed between 17 pre-selected images. But now it changes between over 4 times as many...
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    A Story.

    Between DoubleThink and JakeXanth.
  17. MetaSeraphim

    I feel like writing sex stories.

    And pairing random forum members together in them.
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    Ready, Aim, Fire. Sign-ups.

    If you've never played RAF before it is a pretty simple game. You have the option of shooting a person, shooting yourself, or shooting the air. If you shoot a person that person dies, unless they shoot themself, if you shoot the air nothing happens at all besides you possibly dying. So...
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    Live Action Cave Story Movie.

    Despite how horrible it would be let's take guesses on what actors/actresses would play the roles.
  20. MetaSeraphim

    Different suggestions.

    But related to the current thing going on. This is because of Rule #1 mostly. First off, I created another account to test this (should be obvious) so delete or ban those accounts (I messed the first one up so had to make another one). Anyway, what I was testing was something I think I set up...
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    Cave Story Gaiden.

    Since these seem popular I wanted to share the one I wrote 10 years ago. As the title implies it's just a standalone story, but if enough people like it maybe I will do a couple more. This takes place 1 million years after they fly off the island just so you know. Cave Story Gaiden: Chapter...
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    Does anyone ever notice the Calendar?

    Placing this here since it's the best place for questions about the forum.
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    Describe the forum users.

    This is actually what I was going for before I failed. You aren't rating and you aren't doing it in 6 words or less, you're simply describing users the best you can. I am putting this here in the Satellite Lounge for two reasons, 1. it's not a game, and 2, because it should be taken more...
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    A Japanese spambot? It was so amazing I couldn't bare to delete it.
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    Never bring a hammer to a gun fight.