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  1. iamssj4

    Cave Story: Hell's Bells Ring Until Dawn (WORKING WITH IDEAS STILL)

    Hello. I am currently working on a new mod, at the same time as Save Ctory (I have loads of free time). Currently, it's title will be 'Cave Story: Hell's Bells Ring Until Dawn'. This takes place many years after the 3rd ending. Here's how it's all gonna go out (so far): "Many years after Quote...
  2. iamssj4

    Save Ctory (Version 0.5 Beta) *THE BURLY MODE UPDATE*

    Basically, all it is is the regular Cave Story, only with different dialogue, to add humor. Here's the link! :) (Please don't hate...Also, I WILL be updating this frequently, by adding funny dialogue to parts further into the game.) Photo Preview(s)...