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  1. Lace

    if GIR is still here: where can I acquire a copy of moustache riders? if not: same question.

    Lo, it was 10pm on October the 1st, and I was thinking about chiptunes. The sounds of lava popped and fizzled in my brain, and I recalled the joy of a young Lace listening to a pttune by his friendquaintance Gir, off of the minty fresh album Moustahce Riders: Ignition. My archive of pttunes...
  2. Lace

    Low-Impact Secrets Thread

    What it sounds like! Post your low-impact secrets.
  3. Lace

    The Doctor = The Doctor?

    Like in doctor who. Discuss. (Honestly I don't see how it can't be true.)
  4. Lace

    The Okay - Lace

    Hello there! Here are some words that have to do with me: Other stuff: I'm amurrican, a democrat, 17, male, aryan, exactly average height, moderately unattractive, ENTP, haven't started shaving yet, am interested in everything wd isn't (except cars. cars are boring), and essentially grew up...
  5. Lace

    'this is a test

    The test was an unsuccess, if you were wondering.
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    Platformer Pathfinding

    I am interested in the different ways one could go about this. What are your ideas? (Come friday I'll post something of my own, but I don't have much time to flesh it out right now) Quick thought: Nodes at key points and a small algo to choose which node to go to next, followed by an expensive...
  7. Lace

    Theories Purge?

    This is semi-serious. Lock/hide every thread in the theories section, make a new theories section, and only let new members (or old members with some new 'theories allowance') post in it. This way, people will have something to talk about, and we won't shut down every new member's thread by...
  8. Lace

    WE ARE THE .87873%

    The top .8787346221441124% of members by postcount (all members with > 1254 posts) holds just under one third of the total posts on the cstsf!!!! The 99.12126537785589% will revolt! They are planning to occupy the Satellite Lounge! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :critter: I SAY THAT...
  9. Lace

    I am making this thread .....

    In an effort against shoddy programming! -----END POST----- WHAT NOW, NOXID? :critter:
  10. Lace

    Things you will like. Errbody look. Like dat dere ting. Also say how awesome it is?
  11. Lace

    Mediocre Superpowers

    The basic premise of this is to come up with superpowers that aren't great (eg superman) and aren't terrible (ability to become me) but are solidly in the middle. The power must (generally speaking) be good enough to motivate the hero to do something with it. I have no idea if this will be any...
  12. Lace

    Procedural Generation

    Procedural generation is, simply put, the art of creating unique worlds through programming. Spelunky, Minecraft, Terraria, Nethack and others are all procedurally generated, and that's a large part of their appeal. These games, like many awesome games (Zelda, La Mulana, Cave Story), are based...
  13. Lace

    CS Census?

    I thought this might be interesting. It probably won't work. The central idea is to compile a list of questions and ask them of all the active members (or perhaps have it be opt-in). This could help gather some cool data, and it could also help us plan better parties. Main topics in this thread...
  14. Lace

    Expansion of our Repetoir

    This has been a motif over the forums (particularly in the ideas section) over the last few months. The reason most people keep coming back is for the community, but we need a new thing to center out focus on if we want to draw in new members and maintain our old ones. My questions are: Should...
  15. Lace

    Most Important Character Without a Facepic?

    Who Isn't Quote?
  16. Lace

    Fursona Fun!

    I am not a Furry. Let's make me one! Develop me or you or cap a fursona fitting of our "personalities". Hopefully this will work. Unlike the Mysterious Hacks game, which had no furriness whatsoever. GO!
  17. Lace

    Is Pixel a Mermaid?

    We have a lot of theories about Cave Story. We don't have many about Pixel. So here it is - one of the questions that has been bothering me the longest in the universe, and the one I have the least idea about. If you don't think he is a rl mermaid, how about a metaphorical, rhetorical...
  18. Lace

    Infinite Mimiga Mask

    So I made this hack a while ago, and it seems it has garnered enough interest that multiple people have asked how to do it. As I am fairly lazy (don't want to respond to everyone individually), and not everybody even knows that I did this, I feel like a thread will get it out to more people and...
  19. Lace

    What the FUCK noxid!?

    What the FUCK noxid!? Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Well forums, it is with great regret that I must inform you that our beloved and benevolent ruler "Noxid" isn't all the fuck he's chalked up to be. I don't know how much you know about me and noxid, but our relationship goes a bit farther back then...
  20. Lace


    I don't know how many of you remember Yal, but he apparently just came out with this game. Basically it is as if Kirby is playing castlevania. Haven't had a time to check it out yet, but you guys totally should.
  21. Lace

    New Rules Discussion

    Are we changing/updating the rules? If so, a two suggestions: 20. There are no loopholes. Members must follow the intent of the rules, not simply their wording. If there are conflicting views about the intent of a rule, then the creator of such a rule is deferred to. If the creator is...
  22. Lace

    SPOT Discussion

    I would like to preface this post with a question, and then promptly answer with my very own opinion. What is the difference between the SPOT and the Satellite Lounge? Well, the general trend seems to be that the SPOT is for threads too dumb, too chaotic, too useless or too topic-less to be in...
  23. Lace


    Mubarak steps down: rejoice!
  24. Lace


    Can anyone remember who it was that lowell always quoted in his sig? the one time I wish to know, and I completely blank. :(
  25. Lace

    Bored Games

    (Like the pun?) Someone on the CS Wii thread said that the fps boost was beating them down. I was really bored. Soooooooooooooooooo... Quickie hack, If something bad happens to your computer, it's NOT MY FAULT. This didn't take me as long to make as I woulda liked, but is quite the challenge...