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  1. TUgly

    My first mod!!11 (and folder mods then i make an mod)

    so I see the n0xid video (how to mod cave story) sorry I don't know the title my brain is bad. and I see make a mod I don't know how to mod cave story and I say to leo40story (how to mod cave story) I some things. and he recommended this video I see the part 1 & 2 say me:Thread Spam (because...
  2. TUgly

    Cave Story Deluxe 2.0 discussion

    free up discussion of this package I'm going far enough??? mods isn't allowed??? lets see what you talking about this package. or cave story deluxe (more updated)
  3. TUgly

    Cave Story

    good game and longest map robots is funny 7.9/10 too much water
  4. TUgly


    so... quote is a woman?? (I see this because quote's hair is too long on cs+ if you see an black image you se he (or her) long hair) now dont say me WAW TUlgy NEVER PELEAD CUV stURI GHE NEVA SEE QUOTA IA FREWAR ND PLUZ HE SEE VIDROS oN YOUTOBO anD NOVOR PLAIAD KURO BLOSToR TIS GaY SUCS lol...
  5. TUgly

    Cave Story Deluxe 2.0

    HULLO Hi guys its me TUgly but TUgly Who are you???? so I'm creating cave story forum profile because I (updated) the Cave Story Deluxe to Cave Story Deluxe 2.0 or other mods some days so I don't know English because I'm Brazilian so download this game: here Is the download link...