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  1. Shadowcat

    Who is the best waifu in Cave Story?

    I'd say Momorin, because: 1. She's pretty good looking 2. She isn't an old lady 3. She isn't 12 4. She isn't a robot 5. She doesn't try to kill you What do you think?
  2. Shadowcat

    Why does this exist?

    This thread is for those things that make you question why the hell they exist. Like, THE #1 WORST KIDS MOVIE EVER- ! (nsfw content) Or what about WHAT HAPPENED WHEN KINNYPLZ TRIED TO WRITE A PORNO-...
  3. Shadowcat

    Good Bands

    In this thread, you post a band and a link to a video of one of their songs. Voltaire I also really like the songs "Almost Human" and "The Headless Waltz"
  4. Shadowcat

    Gaming Letdowns

    Post stuff that's in a game, (or not in it) that disappointed you The bonus level in HarmoKnight "Your Bicycle" isn't the Queen song Also, the fact Vaati doesn't appear in any other Zelda games makes me upset.
  5. Shadowcat

    Video Game Weirdos

    List some creepy video game characters. Rover from AC. Gives me the heebie jeebies.
  6. Shadowcat

    Let's write a story

    Write a thing and when we're all done (IF THE FUN EVER ENDS) I can put it on Fanfiction. You can post: As much as you want Non-Cave Story stuff But you can't be a party pooper. -Basic plot- Quote exists. Make him do something. I'll let you guys go first (because I'm lazy.)
  7. Shadowcat

    I made a thingy?

    So yeah, I went on Scratch and made a thing. This person named Geocashing helped me script it. It probably looks like/is a big poopie, but I just wanted to share it with you guys to see what you think (It's obviously not finished yet.)
  8. Shadowcat

    So I found this thing

    I read this a few times a and thought it was pretty funny, so I decided to look for it again and found it. I'm not sure if anyone's seen it before.
  9. Shadowcat


    Oh jeez. Well, I'm not sure if this is the same thing as my pairings thread, but... How many silly yaoi pairings can you think of in the Cave Story fandom? They don't even really have to be serious. I focus on yaoi because, well, whenever I think of yaoi I think of really bad stories that end...
  10. Shadowcat


    If you have some CS pairings you like, you can post it here. Yeah, It's not too original but I'm bored and kinda curious about what you guys think are cool pairings. I always thought The Doctor and Momorin was interesting. But it's pretty obvious that wouldn't work out after the whole crown...
  11. Shadowcat

    What is your opinion on bad fanfiction?

    Its very difficult to find GOOD fanfiction on The only one I have read that has very good writing in it is Kissed by a Rose. I'm not saying that is the only fanfic I like, i'm just saying its one of the very few well written fanfictions on there. I've been on The Half World...
  12. Shadowcat


    So, i've decided to make another thread since I like fanfiction, and my other thread wasn't really seeming to go anywhere. so, this is really just for suggestions on certain cave story fanfics. I know there aren't too many, but I just wanna see a few of them at least.
  13. Shadowcat

    Cave Story OCs

    I WANT TO SEE THEM This thread is for showing your CS OCs if you want to. Because... well, I don't know what else to make a thread about that hasn't been done recently.