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  1. kirbygamer58556

    I found new leak footage of cave story 2!(please lock this i dont know how)

    Look at this real email from pixel! Look at these cool new screenshots! Note* this is a very early beta, images are subject to change. sorry there's no video, I forgot my camera. What do you think? Make sure to Like and Subscribe! Alright, I must go. Pixel is after me with his real-life nemesis.
  2. kirbygamer58556

    Cave story sprites but I doubled the pixel size and am awful at making titles

    Help me with a better title. So I took the Cave Story sprites and doubled the size and changed them from there. Notes: toroko is unfinished, the two unedited sprites on quote are unused. In will make more of these, opinions below
  3. kirbygamer58556

    Unused content general discussion.

    For reference, Begin discussion!
  4. kirbygamer58556

    CSTSF Trick or Treating

    This is inspired by Narpy's It is simple. 1. wait. 2. somone will quote you 3. stock images of your item of choice
  5. kirbygamer58556

    Im bored so I'll make player skins for you.

    If you want one made, Just send me a reference character. Option to include mimiga mask form. Example
  6. kirbygamer58556

    Idk where to put this

    I saw thisso I made this This was probably a bad idea...
  7. kirbygamer58556

    My sister is making a CS comic-ish thing

    Here it is Sorry for the poor image quality. Feel free to ask questions about it.
  8. kirbygamer58556

    Who was your favorite side/ non main CS character?

    Mine was Majin cuz he had some silly dialogue.