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    Phil Fish Leaves The Game Industry

    Yesterday a large fight broke out between Phil Fish and the Annoyed Gamer on twitter, I'm not to sure what started the fight. Anyway, this fight led to Phil announcing that FEZ II is cancelled and he can no longer handle all the stress and hate he receives, he then made a post about it on his...
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    Hydra Castle Labyrinth

    Has anyone here played this game, it is awesome and free! If you have not played this yet and you are a fan of Metroidvania games then I must advice you to get it immediately. The game itself is inspired by Maze of Galious and La-Mulana, but it focuses less on puzzles and more on action and...
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    Cave Story 2 [Fan Mod] - [On Hold]

    This is a thread where I will be posting regular updates and releases of my mod 'Cave Story 2' (Place-holder title). This will be my first and probably last 'Cave Story' mod. It is set after the events of 'Cave Story' but within the same universe. There are only minor relations to the previous...