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  1. andwhyisit

    Political Threads

    Alright so we have produced a number of political threads of late. The problem being that political threads tend to be confined in terms of locality, and most are regarding US politics, with only one regarding Canada (without actually specifying it). The Canada thread being a knee-jerk reaction...
  2. andwhyisit

    Forum Spam

    It seems that these spam users are all coming from Pakistan. Would it be too much of a stretch if I permaban an entire country?
  3. andwhyisit

    Truncated Posts

    A number of posts after the move were truncated (cut short). It doesn't seem to be related to the length of the posts, and it isn't all that common, but I would like to fix whatever posts I can. Given that I at present have no real way to find out which posts were broken, and given that I can...
  4. andwhyisit

    Movie Grievances

    I was disappointed with the movie Fantastic Four, not because it is terrible, but because it could have been so much more. Personally the movie for the first half was a joyous ride of friendship and scientific discovery. Then cue ridiculous overstated superpowers that stretch the bounds of...
  5. andwhyisit

    Proposed migration to xenForo's like the vB move all over again. *shakes head* Alright so it turns out that IPB is dropping bbcode altogether and going 100% html (and by html I mean wysiwyg, you won't get to actually edit html). This is something I've been trying to avoid for a while now, but after hundreds of lines of...
  6. andwhyisit

    Pixel's Blood Type

    I was browsing through Pixel's site the internet archive for February 23, 2001 and found this: 年齢:23 性別:男 仕事:主にプログラム 住所:京都府 血液:O型 体格:極きゃしゃ Pixel was apparently living in the Kyoto Prefecture at the time, and his blood type is O...
  7. andwhyisit

    Doggy Wyvern

    Apparently there was this game that Pixel was involved with back in 1998 called Doggy Wyvern. It looks pretty damn awesome to be honest. But it was never finished, and never released. Footage: Screenies and info...
  8. andwhyisit

    Anyone else getting worried..

    ..worried about Pixel's current lack of online presence that is. The only online activity Pixel exhibits is from his twitter account, and while he did post something this month for Kero Blaster's first anniversary the tweet before that was three tweets on 30-31 December 2014 (new years), after...
  9. andwhyisit

    Scrapped weapons/items

    I was just looking in the files for Kero Blaster and I found a reference to a scrapped weapon upgrade for the Lazer Uzi called the Death Beam (rsc_k\localize\en.lproj\words.txt), as well as a number of weapons still in Japanese: ペンシルズ ラディッシュ ゲロバブル バブルダスト There were two other flying items...
  10. andwhyisit

    Modding Awards Q3 2014 (Now Voting)

    Alright, here's the simple part: voting. Use the poll to vote for who you want to win.
  11. andwhyisit

    Possibly undiscovered easter egg in Azarashi

    I was trawling through Pixel's site on the web archive and noticed a rather interesting line by chance: ..which Google translates to: I proceeded to do this by creating a new .txt file in the same folder as Azarashi and renamed it to "LOVE" without any extension. The result? Seals start crying...
  12. andwhyisit

    Kero Blaster page on the Tribute Site?

    I haven't really needed to ask something like this for over 5 years, but I figure it is worth asking anyway. See.. I kinda want to throw together an awesome page for Kero Blaster, something along the lines of the existing Ikachan page. However I don't really consider myself to be much of a...
  13. andwhyisit

    Modding Awards (Past Nominations and Votes)

    The rules are simple. Each person may nominate one mod (and only one per person) by posting the name in this thread. It can be any mod or custom CS-engine game thing provided that it hasn't won before (and no mod has won yet) and I mean ANY MOD regardless of when it was made. You can nominate a...
  14. andwhyisit

    Egg. 00

    Warning: Incoming question deluge. What is so special about Egg 00 as opposed to every other egg? Why would Kazuma only be able to gain access? Neither was ever truly explained. Couldn't they just hatch another Dragon and get off the island that way? The sisters could clearly fly. Or were they...
  15. andwhyisit

    Cave Story Figures? Balrog and the puppy's designs are quite nice. Curly's grin, on the other hand, is somewhat creepy, though maybe that's just me.
  16. andwhyisit

    Physical cart of CS+?

    Nicalis has put forward an interesting notion: Personally I prefer physical over DD any day, so I'm all for this. But what about the rest of you? Would you buy a physical cart or would you consider it to not be worth the cost?
  17. andwhyisit

    Getting 100HP in CS3D?

    I've been recording all the available health upgrades in the game and the ones I've found will only amount to a hp count of 98 (95hp in upgrades plus 3hp in starting health) rather than 100. So I am missing 2hp worth of upgrades (one +2 or two +1). Here's what I have so far...
  18. andwhyisit

    Japan gets all the good stuff

    No seriously. Apparently there was a live concert of select cave story tracks performed in Japan mid last year. My apologies if this is old news. EDIT: Even worse is that the only videos of the event are region-locked.
  19. andwhyisit

    King and Red Flowers

    I noticed a rather interesting tidbit on Pixel's BBS: > Why does King have red/pink eyes? by red flower. > Hey pixel. > How did king survived the red flower and not dissapear like toroko? He may have cooked it.. So the theory that king's red eyes were related to red flowers has some merit...
  20. andwhyisit

    Cave Story 3DS for Japan Welp.. time for me to get a Japanese 3DS. ;P
  21. andwhyisit

    CS soundtrack in mp3

    I've been working on a new conversion of the Cave Story soundtrack to mp3 for use on the tribute site. If someone more musically inclined than I could give these a once over then I would be most grateful.
  22. andwhyisit

    New verification questions

    Alright, so the verification questions we had before weren't really related to Cave Story and the spambots were getting though the ones we had, so I'd like to propose throwing them out and getting some cave story related ones in. They need to be questions that can be answered early on in the...
  23. andwhyisit

    Today is an awesome day..

    Remember how back in 2009 I started a bubbler run of cave story? I stopped before the storeroom in the sand zone (started playing mods and other games and never got back to it). Well I picked it up again from where I left off a month or two ago and just finished it today, including hell. This...
  24. andwhyisit

    Switch to IPBoard?

    We seem to be getting an increase in spam of late. An upgrade of the forums would be good but I hear that vBulletin 4.x is not all that great an upgrade. vBulletin has been going downhill ever since Internet Brands took it over from Jelsoft. My solution for this would be to switch to IPBoard 3.2...
  25. andwhyisit

    Tribute Site Submissions (Fanart, Music, etc.) or Suggestions

    This thread is well overdue. But yeah, title says it all really.