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  1. Raichu

    Rain Soundfont

    Ever wanted to make music using the instruments in Pixel's Rain but don't have the time to rip all the samples? I've created a Soundfont that contains the instrument samples that are the Rain resource file. The only problem is that these instruments were sampled a long time ago (1998) so they're...
  2. Raichu

    Cave Story Framerect Tool (ALPHA PRE-RELEASE)

    Have you ever been doing framerects and thought: God damn, this is really a pain in the ass. I wish there was a graphical program to make this process easier. Well then THIS is the app for you. Written in Haxe, this tool allows you to get framerects from Cave Story sprite sheets. All you need...
  3. Raichu


    I was snooping around on Pixel's website in the Internet Archive and found a mention of a program called PixWatch on Pixel's old home page. Translated, the text goes something like this: "This program monitors your display. Once this is run a text file is going to be created, so please send...
  4. Raichu

    The Big Fat Cave Story Beta SFX Thread (delete please)

    Hello gamers, Today I am presenting you with, as the title suggests, a thread for posting cleanups of Cave Story Beta's sound effects. HOW DO I REMOVE MUSIC FROM SOUND EFFECTS? Well, there are multiple ways to do this. You could use a spectrogram editor to erase all other frequencies other...
  5. Raichu

    Kero Blaster modding and C&F Studio

    Hello, I'm trying to edit Kero Blaster maps using Cat & Frog studio, but I cannot even open them. When I click on a map from the list it always selects the wrong thing, and I CAN'T FRICKING CLICK ON ANY OF THE OPEN MAPS?!?! This is very frustrating to me. As you can see, I'm trying to select...
  6. Raichu

    Decompiling the Cave Story 3D Website

    One morning, I was browsing the NIS website (don't ask why) when I found this page. If you couldn't tell, it's the page for (in my opinion) the WORST Cave Story port EVER. (Also, this was the description on the page: Cave Story 3D is a side scrolling action adventure game inspired by the...
  7. Raichu

    I need help with modding

    Hello, I'm currently working on a Cave Story Beta mod, and I am having a LOT of trouble hacking in complicated things like money, custom NPCs, etc. If anyone is interested on working on this half-finished mod, you can DM me on Discord: Raichu#4702
  8. Raichu

    What's Pixel's email address

    Very important information. The only email address I know Pixel has is on this site It's probably outdated tho
  9. Raichu

    How to fix colors w/o Booster's Lab

    I made a custom character using an NPC in NpcGuest.bmp (I converted the images to bmp with Booster's Lab) And I would like to use the character in non-modified versions of Cave Story. I renamed it to Pbm and it just displays an error and leaves a log: Y:\nxengine\cavestory\data\MyChar.pbm,0 I...
  10. Raichu

    Cave Story Soldier Mod/Sprites

    Finally... it is done... Mimiga Soldier v0.2... (this video is of the v0.1 sprites.) (Sorry for terrible video quality, I am using freaking NCH Debut... Even my GameShell records games better than this) If you can't tell, this is a Cave Story mod that literally just turns you into the unused...
  11. Raichu

    Microsoft Paint recoloring NPC sprites

    Hello, I am currently mapping the sprites of the soldier Mimiga in Guest.pbm, having used Booster's Lab to convert all the art to bmp, And I started assigning the soldier sprites to Quote's sprites. However, when I reload the image or play the mod, it reduces the amount of colors, basically...
  12. Raichu

    How do you change entity in Cave Editor/Change the main character to another NPC

    I am currently making a Cave Story mod in Cave Editor, and I was wondering how you change the NPC being edited in the NPC Table Editor. Also, can you change the main character (quote) to another NPC, like Curly or Sue for example? Maybe even an unused NPC?