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    He's back. He's bigger. He has arms. Now in CSE2. Headman 2 PREVIEW: Currently there may be some bugs/weird mechanics and I will be making sure everything works the way I intend it to! Things are subject to change, of course, so this isn't too accurate of a representation of what the final...
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    Head Man is a mod that I have been working on, on and off, for nearly a year now. As of the final version, it has three unique worlds, three bosses, 8 unique dream sequences, and some gnarly art and music (mostly) made by yours truly. This mod isn't exactly meant to be taken seriously (do note...
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    a modification of the game Cave Story

    So yeah, I just made a mod again. It's not bad, I promise. Here's a demo, for feedback and testing purposes. And here's some screenshots: featuring musical talents from yours truly (eventually) I plan on having at least 6 or so stages/levels to explore, so suggestions are appreciated!
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    Adventure Mod demo

    Really I don't have a title for this so I guess I'll call it adventure mod this also wasn't intended to be a joke so The demo has 2 maps with a linear objective (get to the door) and each one has exploration being a key aspect to advancing on. Screenshots: Feedback is appreciated. You can...
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    The adventures of blargo

    a cave story game modification i created in a few short minutes enjoy: screenies:
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    A really short mod.

    A really short mod I made. Current placeholder mod of mine that isn't complete shit before I release Rennis Tacket/Tennis Racket. This literally took me about 10-15 minutes Screenshots Download...
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    Mother 1/Earthbound Zero released for WiiU Virtual Console!

    also if this is in the wrong section please move it Finally, Nintendo gives us Mother 1 (or Earthbound Zero). We now get what we (hardcore Mother fans) have wanted for years in North America! (Legally, anyway) What are your thoughts?
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    Cave Atari

    OK. This mod is inspired by my fanart thing I did with the Atari-Style Quote in Grasstown. Some people may think that this is a retexture, but And so, here it is, in all its textured glory.. and its unique 5 endings CAVE ATARI V2 Link -...
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    Why did King want the key from Toroko at the beginning?

    I never thought of this, but... why did King want the Key from Toroko :toroko: ? I just usually skimmed through it, but now I wonder alot about it. I think King wanted the key so he could teleport to the Doctor :muscledoc: and fight :sue: him off himself. What are your thoughts :confused...
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    Mikey's (2DBro's) Cave Story music pack for Doom!

    sorry if this might be the wrong thread but I have come back, and to celebrate the 10th year of Cave Story, I have made.. A MUSIC PACK FOR DOOM/MM8BDM/OTHER MODS! you can also use the mp3s to listen to but thats just basically downloading them from the csts music. My friend on MM8BDM (yes i...
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    Where did the Hermit Gunsmith come from in the first place?

    I dunno if there is already a theory like this, but I wonder where the Gunsmith came from. Was his home the island, or was he a Mimiga turned human? Is he Itoh's father? Did the Mimigas in the village find him, thought he was dangerous, and concealed him to a small room? Did Misery find him on a...
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    ~The Legend of Zelda Story~

    Allllrrrriiiighhhhhtt..... I have a new mod. TLincoln and Kayya are helping me Version 1.0 Version 1.1 Version 1.2...
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    Robot Story

    So... with my introduction that i've joined the forums, I've started to make a little mod. I will need to make a download link, so be waiting. Mostly this story is about being one of those robots from the Geothermal/First Core room, Y'know. The bots that are destroyed in the water. Well...