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  1. Hiino

    Mod tests and reviews

    Hello modders! During my time on these forums, I've seen some new (and old) mods being released and/or updated, several people commenting on them, and too many messages complaining/whining about the comments and critics, sometimes insulting and almost always really dumb. All of those things are...
  2. Hiino

    I'm hate10

    suck it nerds im better than u This thread points out this tendency for banned people to use the so-called "ban-evading" strategy by making an alt account and acting as if they were a new member. Part of the reasons people usually invoke when called out are: - "I realize I made mistakes in the...
  3. Hiino

    Ran out of ideas?

    Hallo evelinyan. Hawayu? Fine, sank you. :o Since I've been on this forum, all I do is asking for help. But I'm gonna try to change this and be helpful! If you have difficulties in finding ideas for your game concept, your scenario, characters, weapons, or ANYTHING ELSE about your mod, just...