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  1. Moon

    Crypt of the Necrodancer

    I learned about this game when I was on the blog of the guy who made Hoplite. Basically it's a roguelike (you have permanently upgrades and such but they don't do jack in Hardcore mode) where you move to the beats of the music. That means that if you are allergic to rhythm games you should close...
  2. Moon

    Why did Booster survive?

    Okay. I'm pretty sure this was never discussed, but if it is, then I'm sorry, the question had been nagging me for a while. Why would Booster die when Quote attend to him, but survive if he get ignored?
  3. Moon

    Is modding Cave Story+ actually illegal?

    I have always wondered, why is modding Cave Story+ illegal? Many mainstream games that charge money have mods, yet modding them isn't illegal. For instance, Skyrim, it's 6 times more expensive than Cave Story+, yet the developers actively support modding, and there's a website for it. I've...
  4. Moon

    Learning ASM

    Really, this has been in my mind for a while. If I want to learn assembly, what language should I start first to get the basics? I don't want to be a script kiddie who don't even know what he is doing, so I want to learn all the basics to programming. My current plan right now is trying to...
  5. Moon

    No custom fonts

    (Manual search finds nothing familiar, feel free to merge this is it does) Honestly, some people's fonts here are really annoying, you should take out the ability to change fonts and leave us with one only standard font, it's not like that everyone use special fonts here anyways. I mean, I can...
  6. Moon


    No, really, in there is a function while naming the topic that it'll search for similar ones. I can see that most of you guys here are like OMG ITS A DUPE TOPIC IM GONNA KILL SOMEONE ARGHHHHHHH While I think the new people are annoying, I still think the old people are EXTREMELY...
  7. Moon

    Everybody's dads in CS

    If you take a close look at Cave Story, you'll see that there isn't a single father in the game. Is it possible that in the CS universe no one need a dad?
  8. Moon

    Sweet Quoet and Hella Cruly - a ironically bad mod

    So, I got a really awesome mod idea and decided to make a mod for it. Before doing it, of course, I decided to announce it here, thus making it impossible for me to abandon this. If any of you think I'm slow, please say something abusive and impolite on my profile about it. What I'll do 1...
  9. Moon

    Who the hell is Kanpachi anyway?

    Who is Kanpachi anyway? He, his rod, and his badass way of life. Maybe he's Arthur's teacher, then gave up on life and went fishing when his pupil died? (posting this on the S.P.O.T so that you can't accuse me for spamming)
  10. Moon

    Cave Story: Kanpachi

    This is just an idea that I'm going to reserve in case someone thought of it. When it's done it will be posted in showcase. The plot idea so far: We all have known that Kanpachi was still fishing down there after all the mimigas were took to the Balcony, so that mean The Doctor is oblivious to...
  11. Moon

    3 HP run

    Has anyone ever done that, and succeeded? I'm now trying to beat the Undead Core. It took me a week to get past the Hidden Last Cave, and now this goddamn boss kept hitting me, or at least Misery's bats, that is. (The Muscle Doctor's bats are annoying, too)
  12. Moon

    Quote's surname

    This topic has no discussion... But I felt like I have to share that Quote's full name should be "Quote Mark" Because Curly = Curly Brace = Curly Bracket Quote = Quote Mark = Quotation Mark