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  1. joshworx

    A Hearty Thanks to Old Friends

    Hey, it's me. I know most of you must not remember me, but some people who have been around for a while might. I just wanted to put a few well-earned thank you's out there to people on this forum who might not be aware of the fact that I am very, very grateful to and for them. Cave Story...
  2. joshworx

    Cave Story - No cutscenes

    Hello, this is my first post in quite a while, and even though I'm a (slight) veteran member, I'm still quite the noob at modding... SO, I need something decided for me: Should this mod have ABSOLUTELY no cutscenes? OR Should this mod have only the TRANSMISSIONS cut out? (As if Quote didn't...
  3. joshworx

    Cave Story: Hard Version.

    Ok, so I'm working on my first mod right now (since I JUST learned how to write the scripts (sort of), so it will probably suck, but hey, at least I'm trying. You're Quote, it has all of the same gameplay, but I'm adding and changing a few maps, I'm just bumping up the difficulty a bit, so it's...