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  1. Badnik96

    Anyone here play League of Legends?

    I do, summoner name is Badnik96 add me, we can do stuff.
  2. Badnik96

    Story time

    I, Badnik96, declare this thread open. (Basically, create a story and stuff. apparently the forum rules ban RPing or something so don't kthx. This isn't like the "three word story" things where everyone has to copypaste the same text, just continue the story. We did this over on Gametechmods...
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    CS3D Glitch

    I'm back. Blah. I found my CS3D copy the other day and was playing through the asploded egg corridor in classic mode. When I got to the new Detour area (frustrating as hell tbh), I saw Critters spazzing out and hovering around where the beetles should be. Funny as hell.
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    I was bored and noxid told me to write a story. So I did, and this is what my brain and half-assed typing came up with. Each spoiler corresponds to a new chapter.
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    F-Zero GX

    The best racing game ever. Also the hardest. Discuss.
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    wassup yo

    I disappeared about a month ago and just reappeared. Tell me what happened in that time frame.
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    CS Assassin

    Okay, this is a variant of a game I play on another forum. It's basically... well, you'd need the Assassin Rules to understand it, and what do you know, here they are. This is a game set in the Cave Story forums. We are going to have a councilman, that's me. I'm basically the overseer of the...
  8. Badnik96

    Anyone want to use Balrog in an RA2 competition?

    because no one reads the RA2 thread This is the bot in question we are claiming. This is the competition we are fighting over:,7593.0 I will take the first person that explains to me correctly what "HS" means in robot combat terms.
  9. Badnik96

    CS Insanity

    Basically Cave Story but much harder (I.E more Basil, more difficult jumps, less health capsules, harder to reach items, more enemy HP if possible) Suggestions/criticism?
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  11. Badnik96

    How did everything on the island evolve?

    For example: Rabbit-> Mimiga (or human-> mimiga) But how did things like Basil or the Buyobuyos evolve from current living things? (magic is not an answer)
  12. Badnik96

    Why was there even a storehouse in the first place?

    Just a small question: Why is there even a red flower storehouse in the first place? After the big war, wouldn't everyone have decided that the plant was just too evil and just destroy them instead of putting them somewhere where someone could reuse them? I know the sand zone is secluded but...
  13. Badnik96

    Cave Story: Escape the Island

    OK, here's a mod I'm going to start soon. The story goes like this: You play a Mimiga who missed his chance to escape the island. (takes place after normal ending) You need to find a way to escape. Tons of new areas and stuff. Not editing the monsters, but there might be some new bosses. Also...
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    Fresh Prince of Doukutsu derp
  15. Badnik96

    A Day in the Life, a new forum book

    I wanted to do a forum book, went searching for ideas, and thought a compilation of different CS Characters' PoV on their lifes would be something different and fun to write. CHAPTER 1: BASIL When the white spiky thing woke up that day, he was sure it was going to be just another normal day in...
  16. Badnik96

    Caption Game!

    Basically I post a picture, you guys come up with captions for it. Then I choose the winners (the top 3 funniest captions) after a day or so. Then the winner posts a pic, and so on. POINTS 5 for first 2 for second 1 for third I'll start
  17. Badnik96

    NASCAR CS Forum Shootout

    Meh racing FTW I was bored so I decided I'm gonna run a nascar race with you people. Say a number, driver name (NO REAL DRIVERS) and sponsor, then choose a make (chevy, dodge or ford). The race track is Charlotte (Where the All-star race is). It will be 40 laps long. The top 3 finishers...
  18. Badnik96

    Why was Kanpachi not caught?

    Well I was playing today, I got to the part where all the mimigas get rounded up to be fed the red flowers, and I went down to the lake to go back to the mimiga village, and Kanpachi was there still! Also, don't the Drolls keep all the mimigas gardening the flowers? The only way down to the lake...
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    Ikachan for DSiware

    Yep, it's happening. Discuss.
  20. Badnik96

    Robot Arena 2

    The most awesome robot combat sim that is actually a complete game. download the game here- The link to the forums is in my sig. Just if anyone was curious what my sig is about. Also, if you decide to download the game, post your creations here...