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  1. Badnik96

    was watching the CEO smash 4 stream and saw a tpcool in the bracket, that you?

    was watching the CEO smash 4 stream and saw a tpcool in the bracket, that you?
  2. Badnik96

    oh shit i remember this series! don't let the dumbass name fool you the series actually is...

    oh shit i remember this series! don't let the dumbass name fool you the series actually is pretty good, at least the early ones were.
  3. Badnik96

    every time i come back to this forum i dont even recognize half the people here

    every time i come back to this forum i dont even recognize half the people here
  4. Badnik96

    why am i still here

    why am i still here
  5. Badnik96

    What did you dream about last night?

    Last night I had a dream where I had my first beer. It tasted kinda meh, and I wondered why people liked it so much. wonder what caused that. maybe my shitty pre-calculus grade is so bad it's compelled my subconscious to drink ;-;
  6. Badnik96

    Pixel Art

    Holy crap I had no idea that existed but it's in now. That looks amazing and he'd make a fantastic character. (NOTE: I will not add every suggestion thrown out of the blue. This one is way too good to pass up.)
  7. Badnik96

    Pixel Art

    That should be possible. A few characters will have alt costumes as well.
  8. Badnik96

    Pixel Art

    Like in Smash 4, most of the characters will be available at the start. There's currently one secret semi-joke character planned. DLC along the line is possible as well. Silverpaw, I've been designing people's movesets for a while now. There definitely will be lots of variety.
  9. Badnik96

    Pixel Art

  10. Badnik96

    What are the orange lines on Balrog?

    Now that I think about it, the face-paint theory makes sense with the whole "leaping into buildings" thing. Since I know Balrog was intended to be part of a race of soap-bar creatures (there's some beta screenshots of it or something idk but there's more than one Balrog in them), perhaps they at...
  11. Badnik96


    I feel like it would look better if you made your name smaller and had it fit completely under "NESTROID", but that's just me. Mod looks pretty good so far, though I'm not sure you'll be able to implement certain things.
  12. Badnik96

    what's the story behind your nickname

    So yeah, my name goes back about 7 years ago when my mom got me a Sonic comic book for christmas. I knew literally nothing about Sonic at the time other than that he was a blue hedgehog that went fast, and the comic was pretty cool. I especially liked the Badniks because not only did they have...
  13. Badnik96

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    I got the game on release but I've only just beaten Norman... i'm a scrub
  14. Badnik96

    Dear everyone ever: Stop using Skype

    Skype is going down the shithole fast, yeah. Everyone else I know still uses it though so I'm sticking to it for now. Someone kicked me from the skype group like a year ago, I guess I wasn't active enough in it XD I just drift around here every month or so so whatever
  15. Badnik96

    Game of the Year?

    Smash Bros, ORAS and Shovel Knight are my top three, though I could probably do a top 5. Distance finally came out two weeks ago and hooked me as soon as I bought it. high-speed driving stuff like that is my jam. smb2 takes the official slot though fuck you
  16. Badnik96

    Pixel Art

    The ninja from N/N+. I have more now, I'm still cranking these out XD From left to right, we have: Quote Captain Viridian Blue Knight N The Player Shovel Knight Isaac Steve Freddy Fazbear Speedrunner Super Crate Box guy Beck Gang Beast Lyle CommanderVideo The Kid Juan
  17. Badnik96

    Pixel Art

    The first four characters for my first game, which is going to be a Smash Bros fangame featuring indie game characters. So naturally, Quote was the first sprite I did XD Once I get the basic coding together for this thing I'll post it in its own thread, but for now you can look at these sprites :V
  18. Badnik96

    Your glitch experiences

    This is still my favorite Cave Story port bug: man that game was buggy as hell thanks nicalis
  19. Badnik96

    Who's played Shovel Knight?

    Got this a few days ago, already fell in love with it. Just beat spectre knight, took me a few tries but it's fairly easy once you get the patterns down. Didn't expect him to turn out the lights though. Dream sequences are fantastic as well. Glad this got so much support on Kickstarter.
  20. Badnik96

    Last Game Played in 2013

    Last game was Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Had the countdown open while we were watching the ball drop :V First game of 2014 was Pokemon Y. No regerts.
  21. Badnik96

    FANFICTION read and enjoy the derpiness
  22. Badnik96

    What is your opinion on bad fanfiction?

    Anyone remember THE BEST STORY EVER WRITTEN? I need to finish that :P Also The gratest pokemon master was fucking amazing. Then it turned out to be a troll. Sad really.
  23. Badnik96

    Pokemon X and Y : Battle of the Sexes(?)

    anyone here wanna trade friend codes? mine is 4596-9688-4729. either PM me or post in here if you wanna add me
  24. Badnik96

    The Origin of you

    Downloaded Cave Story on DSI. Loved it. Found this forum and stuff. Most of the forums I go on are robotics related.
  25. Badnik96

    The Skype thread!

    Add Badnik96 if you dare...