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  1. Jpzarde

    OrgMaker: Which waves are your most preferred / used?

    Hey fellow .org makers. As someone who seems to have trouble finding that perfect wave to use in their OrgMaker compositions I must ask: Which waves are your most preferred or used? What circumstances do you usually save them for? Personally, I seem to find myself using wave 66 a lot of the time.
  2. Jpzarde

    What location would you like to see in a Cave Story mod?

    Either something that hasn't been done before, or just something that you'd like to see done again in a different way, just out of curiosity.
  3. Jpzarde

    Your most memorable level from a game.

    I have some questions for you guys: 1. What's your most memorable level from your favorite game? 2. What's your most memorable level from Cave Story? (Explain why if you want to, but you don't have to. Also, try to avoiding anything that may spoil the game (unless it's cave story.))
  4. Jpzarde

    So I made a Cave Story sprite movie

    It's called "The Dangers of Looting" Maybe I'll make more; there's not very many Cave Story sprite movies out there! Only other one I can think about is the concept film. Discuss if you want to.
  5. Jpzarde

    The Traveler (PRE-RELEASE B)

    (Apologies for the long hiatus) This is a fairly short demo, and the project as a whole is far from finished. If you encounter any problems of any kind while playing this mod, please let me know either with a PM or a comment on the mod topic. This mod has you playing out the exploits of...
  6. Jpzarde

    Happy International Day of Happiness everyone!

    Today is International Day of Happiness! Today we celebrate joy and all that is good in life! (Google sez so). No matter how down I'm feeling, I still try my best to be fortunate for the many gifts I get in my day to day life, such as my house, my computer, and the many groups I've joined...
  7. Jpzarde

    A quick question on how to PM

    I've tried using the search function to find my answer, but I've had no luck so far so I'm asking in this thread, I'll greatly appreciate it if someone can help me with this: How do I send PM's to another forum user, or is there a pre-requisite that needs to be met before I can send PM's?