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  1. Bionicobot

    Where are all the bathrooms on the island?

    I really need to know. Vital information.
  2. Bionicobot

    Red Sands - Preview Build

    This is an early build of a mod for Cave Story Engine 2 that I've been making. The plot hasn't been incorporated into the game quite yet; although I have gotten the basics of the story written out, I'm going to wait until I've done enough drafts that I feel it's strong enough to start putting...
  3. Bionicobot

    Ptcops in Cave Story: Only You Can Use More Than One

    Make wavy af music in Cave Story. Sources for updated Pxtone dll and the mod itself included. Download link:
  4. Bionicobot

    Cold Core Demo 3! Now With Fun Included!

    This mod follows the story of a guy named Dave. That's all I'm giving you besides the screenshots. Notify me of any bugs you find, give me any feedback, and enjoy! Screenshots: Changelog: Download:
  5. Bionicobot

    Does Org Maker 2.10 run on Windows 95?

    I know it's a stretch, but if it does, I could use it to make Orgs on Android through a 95 emulator.
  6. Bionicobot


    Depression is many things for many people. A mental problem. An act. Something to pity. Everyday life. This is what it is for me. It's the feeling of knowing that you absolutley suck. Lazy. Wimpy. Unsuccesful. Bull Headed. Aggressive. Yeah, all that stuff. It's also knowing that no matter what...
  7. Bionicobot

    Hacks Remade for Doukutsu Assembler!

    So, I figured out how to make some hacks into a format acceptable by the Assembler. It's not that hard, but it takes time. This is why I have started to make some for you! So, there are the files themselves, which you put in the Assembler's file, and the READ, which has the list that you paste...
  8. Bionicobot

    Puu Black is Puu from the Beta.

    Okay, I didn't see it in the theories section, and if it has been discussed, then sorry. I belive that Puu Black is Puu from the beta of Cave Story, only dead. It's been stated that Puu Black is a ghost, and I can't believe that this hasn't been connected before. The sprites are very similar...
  9. Bionicobot

    The Pier Walk ORG was Meant to be the Song for The Plantation

    I may have little evidence, but this is what little I have. At the end of the ORG, it plays a remix of the title screen. Another factor is the fact that there is a small lake below The Plantation, and you can see Kanpatchi fishing there, which may mean that it is a pier. It may also be that the...
  10. Bionicobot

    Dust Alpha 0.0.6 Demo! No More Placeholder Sprites!

    Dust version Alpha 0.0.6 is here! Dust is a story that follows Randy Slate, who has a small bit of memory loss. I won't reveal any more, so you'll have to play if you want to find out more. Link Change Log: I hope you...
  11. Bionicobot

    I made this poem in the style of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

    I think it is pretty good. Probably isn't The gate End.
  12. Bionicobot

    Are there any ORG makers that allow me to use the keyboard as piano keys?

    I have some skills with custom music on a piano, but have trouble translating it to a click-to-place-note style. I would prefer it if the keyboard was used like piano keys. If you know of anything that would work, I would be grateful.
  13. Bionicobot

    The 2014 What do You Want for Christmas Thread!

    So, I'm starting a new one. I'll start off with saying that I want Curly's Story Revived to be finished, a Wii U, and Smash 4 Wii U. (See what I did there?)
  14. Bionicobot

    Happy Thanksgiving! Say what you are thankful for, then feast!

    I'll start. I'm thankful for Pixel, for making Kero Blaster and Cave Story!
  15. Bionicobot

    Impossible Story (Speed Story)

    So, I decided to try and make something simple with ASM, so I made an impossible cave story. It has the most idiotic physics in the world. I just finished it, and my time to finish it was about 2 to 2 and a half days... so yeah. It's hard. This is my firs semi-successful attempt, so rage at it...
  16. Bionicobot

    What is inside of the island's mountain?

    This thought occurred to me. Is that were the labyrinth is? I just want to know, so I can use it better in my mod.
  17. Bionicobot

    Quote homemade hat!

    So, for Halloween, I made a quote hat out of spare parts in 2 days from my home etc. class because I finished making a pillow a month early! So, here's the pictures: [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1315] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1314] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1313] Tell me what you think!
  18. Bionicobot

    Before Story Beta 0.2.1!

    Before Story is a mod that tells how certain unexplained things in Cave Story came to be. Ranging from how Santa got the Fireball, to why the tow rope is where it is, this mod will cover the stuff I'm not to lazy to make it all. Notice: All profiles from 1.8.0 and below are incompatible. Sorry...