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  1. alfasketer

    Kero Blaster Update: Zangyou Mode

    So, yesterday after the release of Pink Heaven on the Playsim, they announced Kero Blaster Zangyou Mode (or roughly translated by Google, Overtime mode.) It's a free update to Kero Blaster and will be released on October 11th acording to the Playism page...
  2. alfasketer

    Amazon Free Apps

    Merry Christmas everyone. Amazon gives you a chance to get famy android apps for free such as FNaF and Terraria.
  3. alfasketer

    Game of the Year?

    So the end of 2014 is near and 2015 is coming. What is your game of the year.
  4. alfasketer

    Which your most favorite map/place in Cave Story

    So guys I wanted to ask you which your most favorite map/place in Cave Story and why [Based on overall look; level design; music; tone; battle sections; Bosses (if there are any); secrets; lasting appeal and maybe a deep meaning]
  5. alfasketer

    Quote vs. Kero Blaster

    Who do you think will win in a battle? Quote or Kero
  6. alfasketer

    Curly in Chalenge mode. (Only on CS+)

    Hey guys. I found an interesting secret in Cave Story + where you can play challenge mode with Curly. [P.S. I'm new here so if you don't like something feel free to judge me in the forum :) ]