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  1. thecrown

    Endless Sky freeware

    I wanted to share a free game I have been enjoying, . If you have played the Escape Velocity series of games, Endless Sky is mostly the same. It is a single-player, top-down, space exploration game with a story. The link has more details and screenshots. Endless sky is...
  2. thecrown

    A problem in Grasstown?

    I've already played Cave Story 9000 times, but I started over again yesterday and, the way I just played, there seems to be no way to get the necessary items. After I entered Grasstown I nimbly hopped over Chaco's house, then got the key from Kazuma, and was instructed to collect the materials...
  3. thecrown


    Or whatever you want to call it. It's Pixel's most popular game that hasn't gotten any attention here, at least I think so. So, do you like it? What's your highscore? How many rewards have you gotten? Have you beaten the boss? Any strategies or spoilers? My highscore is 71, I have 7 or 8...
  4. thecrown

    What determines the effect of the Red Flowers?

    Clearly Red Flowers affect certain mimigas more than others, but why is that, and which ones are more vulnerable to the rage? This is to further the efficiency of my evil army.