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  1. Mr. Fist

    The Hero

    i don't know some sort of picture movie Example Make Your Own For some reason the people who made it decided to remove the first movie.
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    Dead frontier

    I just lost everything.
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    this game is fun or something. some kind of site or something : some kind of instructions or something : so on the site here's wat goes on or something. the game loads as soon as you get there or something "Pseudo" is...
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    In this Topic we rate eachother's favorite soft drinks.

    In this Topic we rate drinks. same deal with the avatar/sigs and user title/location threads This thread is for rating all types of drinks, not just favorite soft drinks. Dr. Pepper
  5. Mr. Fist

    Terrible Joke/Pun Thread

    Here's how this game works. Someone makes a terrible joke/pun and the next person rates it on how terrible it was, then has their own Rate 0/10 or 0% - 100% I don't have a terrible joke to post, sorry :D
  6. Mr. Fist

    Wikipedia Game

    This. Instructions will be given to you when you visit the website. Post the results. Here's my first try: Wraith (Stargate) » James Lafazanos » Canada » North...
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    Chatlogs, Quotes, and Funny Memories 2. R.I.P. 3103

    Well I think enough time has passed so... Let's get this going again! The opening post; Fire1052 being inspired. One of the best things about the internet is being anonymous...
  8. Mr. Fist

    Stranded II

    Fist here with another game with not-so-great graphics but it's still a great game. STRANDED 2! PLAY IT NOW. (Sorry, no logo today.) I had a whole bunch of stuff to say about it, but only like........ none of you would understand. So I'll leave you with this important bit of information. Play...
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    m_yqOoUMHPg The game is currently in public Beta, and when finished it will cost €20.00 but you can pre-purchase it and pay €14.95 and have instant access to... Custom skins! Survival mode! But even if you don't buy the game now you can still play... Classic Mode! (Creative) <object width="560"...
  10. Mr. Fist

    Chatlogs, Quotes, and Funny Memories. Sig'd's to last a lifetime!

    What the title says, a dump for random chat and quote hilarity. fire1052: THIS AWESOME VIDEO HAS INSPIRED ME TO GET INSPIRED Mr. Fist: This inspiration as inspired inspitarion? fire1052: I'll be inspired twice. fire1052: Double-inspiration. fire1052: Twice as inspired. Mr. Fist: Does it inspire...