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    Noodle Soup
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    First come, first served.
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    Let Dave into America!

    Hi, I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed: "Let Dave into America!" I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just...
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    What pisses you off?

    You know what's pissing me off? That every successful company get's flamed in every way possible. Look at Rapidshare. People buy their Premium Accounts. When Rapidshare changes something, even for a short Period... just to test it... They start whining. I mean WTF is wrong with these people...
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    I loled. hard.
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    Pop! You have been pop'd. POP GOES THE WORLD!
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    Harry Potter and his Wang

    Read here random Pastebin stuff is so much win.
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    Personality Disorder Test Results Take it. Be honest. Leave an image. Let's be wicked.
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    USB Lock

    Who needs TrueCrypt? We have: Wtf, Japanese People.
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    Insignificant Studios

    Well, I hate like his game :p Maybe he will notice. good for him.
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    Individual solution's

    I'm freeing up space on my Server. If you want to get some service up with good conditions /msg me I will offer you something that make us both happy. Bouncer Eggdrop Gameserver PHP Perl Ruby Databases Plain HTML Just ask for it. If it bleeds, I can host it.
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    Heavy Metal Farmer

    Jag7oTemldY Pure awesome. also: -QdF2OeZxC4
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    The first real Cave Story Wiki is born. And it needs your writing skills and your creativity to survive! Since a Wiki is nothing without Content, we need you! If you are not familiar with the Wiki Syntax you can visit the Manual. If you want you can use the WYSIWYG Editor (Rich Editor) A small...
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    I request a Logo for the Wiki. 135x135, transparency, png, Cavewiki as pixel text and some Cave Story Characters or w/e.
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    The Thread

    Let me start: 1. 2. 3.
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    MG-Menu - The Mirai Gamer Toolbar

    Hello Guys, some of you think that I'm just an beer drinking, german Troll/Faggot. I wanted to prove these guys wrong, so i created this: The menu is still some kind of beta (Gonna add a lot of Links to resources for CS and the other stuff) The Extension is build for Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*...
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    William and Sly

    It's an awesome exploration / Adventure Jump 'n' Run. The feeling is pure awesome. And you play as Fox. What do you want more? William and Sly
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    I really dislike the current Spoiler Tag. The red lines are just ugly and make it hard to read around them. Also you cant Hide Images and Quotes (and such stuff). I know there a really nice Spoiler Add-Ons for the vB (I mean that ones, which you can open and close :confused:) (If I wouldn't be...
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    Free RS Premium Acc

    Have Fun. Exclusive for the Cave Story Tribute Site Members :p
  20. Schokobecher Re-Design! Your opinion is needed"!

    Hello followers, as one of the Staff Members I'm here to beg for YOUR help. Since this is a community site, it's just logical that we consider the opinions of the community. So if you wanna support the Tribute Site & the community you may tell us what you wanna see in... let's called it "the...